Ripper Street, Season 2

Cleaning out the dvr this afternoon and found this waiting for me–apparently the new season started on BBC-A on Saturday!

Pleasure to return to the mean streets of Whitechapel again, with my old friends Drake, Reid and Jackson. And a delicious new villain in Jedediah Shine! And the Elephant Man–who will be around for at least one more episode to judge from the previews.

Anyone else watching?

(UK Dopers, please no spoilers for episodes not yet aired in the US–we’ve just had the first episode, “Pure as the Driven”, this last Saturday, and will so far as I know continue on Saturdays for the next seven weeks…)

Yes, I caught it too! I still like it very much. My favorite character is the American doctor.

I wondered if the new drug would turn out to indeed be heroine, or if it was going to be some fictional, highly addictive drug. When did they first start making heroine from opium?

I did hear, unfortunately, that this show is canceled, so this must be the last season. Boo!

I saw the second season when it aired on the BBC. It’s pretty good, though I think the show does best when it’s just the three leads hanging out solving crimes. The stuff with their personal lives kinda drags.

Supposedly they’re still trying to sell a third season to another network, so there’s yet hope for a return.

Fingers crossed that it gets picked up somewhere–its a good fun show.

History is of course all off on that drug–it was originally synthesized earlier, then independently re-discovered a few years after the show’s date of 1890.

The shows pretty good with the history. They tend to fudge the dates of events by a few years so that interesting stuff falls within the timeline of the show (as with Heroin synthesis), but generally the plot elements are at least close to things that happened at the turn of the century.

Good news, everybody–Ripper Street will be back for a third series! Apparently there was a decent bit of fan outrage on the cancellation, and they came up with a deal with Amazon Prime to do a streaming-first release. (Hopefully at the same time in the states as in the UK. Details here.

Tonight’s episode had a brilliant conclusion with Merrick’s speech. He was an excellent character, and an amazing person–the thought of what life must have been like for him, as illustrated by his walk to the police station… And yet he was able to find joy. I fear I would have quickly become a bitter, horrible person had I to live with that…

Hurray for un-canceling this show!

I think this last episode was my favorite one so far. I agree about Merrick’s speech and I wish this good character could have been in future episodes.

Duh! Why hadn’t it occurred to me to activate the closed captions before? I miss half the dialogue due to the dialects and fast speech.