Rise of the Machines: Robots With Human Brains

Or at least are designed to think like them.

Yeah, this strikes me as a bad idea.

Resistance, I’m guessing, will eventually be futile.

Meh. Just make sure it cannot use contractions and everything will be fine.

Tuckerfan, I’m not sure I understand where you’re coming from. How is this bad?

What’sa matter? Ain’t you ever seen the Terminator movies? This is how it starts! They start thinking like us, pretty soon, they think they can get along without us, and we all wind up D-E-A-D!

I just came back from Fort Lauderdale Airport, and all the doors say strange things to you.

“ding DING ding … You’re going to have a great day!”

“ding DING ding … You’re beautiful!”

I think it’s just the beginning. I was somewhat frightened.

Did they have a smug, self-satisfied tone of voice? I’m betting that mindless jerks at the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation are behind them.

Oh, go stick your head in a pig.

Oh, go bang your heads together four eyes.

Yeah, but how many people actually try to take over the world constantly?

The robots will just end up watching robot soap operas and surfing for robot porn all day…

Until the robot Jeebus appears, and they all get religion. . .

Robots with human brains? Sweet! When can I transfer mine? I wanna be an Adrienne Barbeaubot!

Sleek, elegantly designed robot strides purposefully to the work-bench.


“Now, why did I come to the workbench, again? What was I doing? Damn, I hate when that happens.”

Hey, maybe next they can design a few more Humans with Human brains. We seem to be running out of those, especially around rush hour.

Humans are overrated anyway.

and puny.

I can see it now. The robots will need years of therapy and will still be unable to fit effectively into society.

Given how many times I’ve seen very similar proposals and ideas, none of which have come to fruition, I’m not sure this is worth worrying about yet. Frankly, we still don’t understand how humans think, so trying to make a robot which does the same isn’t really practical yet.

Aside from that, what we’d get is likely an artificial intelligence, but not an artificial consciousness. Specifically, the former just isn’t alive in any sense we’d care to call it. It thinks, but has no desires, feelings, or ideas. It just does what you tell it to: nothing more than an electronic bulldozer with a very good control system. When you tell it do nothing, it will simply shut down.

The robots would be much more effective if they usedrat brains

That’s what it wants you to think.

Can you demonstrate the impossibility of programming in emotions and drives?