RitterSport pitted to showcase linking

Sorry, I couldn’t resist (I do agree with you btw).

Love it! And, my first (sort of) pitting!

Your thread idea here is funny, and I disagree with changing the “tag” or whatever it is because, usually, it’s pretty funny, and funny is good.

It’s funny now because no one is abusing it. This type of thing could get old real quick.

Exactly. For example, there’s a Pit thread for “We have a winner for the title of West Virginia’s dumbest lawyer” which would get old really quick to me, if that followed me around for every post I made anywhere.

But you don’t post the dumb shit that West Virginia’s dumbest lawyer does. He (She?) earned that!

As I said in my response in the original thread, there is a significant aspect of self-policing on this board, so let’s not invent solutions to problems that don’t actually exist. If someone abuses this feature gratuitously solely to be an asshole, that can be dealt with through moderation sanctions.

@RitterSport, you are bad, bad, bad and a bunch of other things…

Horrible things…I can’t remem… exactly…

Oh, never mind…:smile:

I’m delicious, especially when I’m dark chocolate with marzipan.

Marzipan, schmarzipan. Why don’t you sack up and admit that you come in crappy flavors too. Like Corn Flakes. Who the heck thought THAT was a good idea?

Or maybe they’re just fucking with us.

Yeah, that must be some weird German thing. I don’t really like the one with the big cookie in it either.

But, their (my?) 60% dark? Milk or dark with whole hazelnuts? Yum!

Ritter Sport with marzipan is one of the best ones. That and the praline one.

Also: you’re a big doofus. Well, a doofus anyway - I wouldn’t want to be sizeist here.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I do not want anything to appear on this message board that was not written by an SDMB poster.

This must be fixed.

At some point, we’re risking getting this thread moved to Cafe Society.

Sounds like something a doofus would say.

Oh yes. That’s the stuff that will keep this here.

I don’t understand what this whole thread is about and Ritter Sport is way too German (quadratisch, praktisch, gut) to be good chocolate. Some flavours are OK, granted, but mostly they are too artificially flavoured.
(Written while eating a tiny bit of Belgian chocolate, pretty dark, with some dried and grated orange peel for enhancement) Oh! :relaxed:

I believe you are now required, by ancient law, to match the OP’s slander tit for tat. I suggest “poophead”; it’s a real zinger.

How about:

DeadTreasSecretaries couldn’t dodge a bullet by Aaron Burr if his life depended on it.

(Just watched Hamilton)

Will this ever be fixed?

@discobot fortune