Who Is RitterSport again?

Scumpup’s apparent self-pitting in the BBQ pit has prompted me to finally post this self-indulgent thread. Half or more of the responses there are “who are you again?”, and I’ve been wondering if anyone has any impressions of me at all here.

I’ve been around for a while but I was pretty inactive for most of it. I’ve been a little more active lately, but still nothing like some of the more active posters here. Anyway, that’s the point of this thread, such as it is, just gathering some impressions that you folks may have of me if any. I certainly have pretty deep impressions of many of you, but I spend much more time lurking than posting.

As for my user name, I think I was eating part of a Ritter Sport chocolate bar when I signed up.

One of these days, I really would love to go to one of those Dopefests, or whatever the meetups are called, in NYC or northern NJ. My problem is that I don’t spend much time in MPSIMS so I usually miss any notices.

Two things for the Mods if you’re reading this. It’s possible this should have gone in the Pit, since I’m calling out a poster (myself) – if so, sorry about posting in the wrong forum. Second, I don’t know if it’s possible to suspend the insult rule, but if people think I’m a disingenuous asshole, for example, I don’t mind if they tell me that here. I’m really curious about any impressions of me, if there are any.

If you have any questions about me, I’m happy to provide answers as long as I keep some anonymity.

I’ll start the bidding at a dollar. I’ll pay you a dollar not to post a thread like this again.

Yeah, I was afraid it might go that way. Hey, I never did one of those “I’m new to the board, hello everyone” threads, so I’m due. Maybe this will get me my first Pitting or something.

If anyone else agrees with kayaker, I’ll ask the mods to close this.

I recognize your name but have no associations with it. Sorry about that.

I used to host dopefests, but I doubt I will ever do so again. Central Jersey and not North Jersey anyway, but we had some guest from NYC & PA and plenty from North Jersey.

In all honesty, I always thought the OP was named for John or Tex.

I recognize your name and have you classed in the Reasonable Person bucket. But I don’t know the details.

I didn’t know that Ritter Sport was a chocolate bar and didn’t really make any associations with your avatar. But now I know! Sounds like a good one, though. I’ll have to keep my eyes out for one.

You’re square, practical, and good?

“Break here to open!” Even my packaging is practical and good.

Merneith – I like being in that bucket!

I have you classed as “neither a lunatic nor an asshole”, which puts you on the fringes.

I never heard of Ritter Sport chocolate, but I assumed you were German from the “Ritter” part. FWIW I assumed it was a jousting reference.

Anyway, you seem like a normal person, by normal standards, and therefore by Dope standards you are way out there. You are unique, just like everybody else.



I’m about half German when you add it all up, but I definitely have some German cultural roots. My grandmother would bring Ritter Sport back from Germany when she went back to visit, so I’ve had it my whole life. It’s pretty widely available in the States now, though, at least here in the east. Trader Joe’s carries it around me, as do various delis and whatnot. Highly recommended!

There’s something I’ve found just so quintessentially stereotypically German about that slogan. I can just imagine the brainstorming meetings, finally coming down with the idea that the most important qualities for a chocolate bar to have in the German market is its shape and its practicality. (Because, you know, taste and texture are secondary; I need my chocolates square and practical! Was there a problem with “impractical” chocolate around the time RitterSport came out? Was the German chocolate candy industry at the time producing and selling chocolate by the amorphous 5kg moundful?) And then the deliberate underselling of it by merely settling on calling it “good.” Always gives me a chuckle. On the other hand, at least to me, that’s why its memorable, because every time I read it, a little skit of the sloganeering session plays out in my head.

I avoid making threads like this because I don’t dig the ensuing denigration, but I often wonder if I bug more people than I tickle around here. It would be useful if people could just give honest feedback rather than exploit the opportunity to eviscerate someone displaying a bit of vulnerability.

I recognize your username but that is all. Another vote for never having heard of the chocolate.

Well, at least I knew RitterSport was chocolate. It is good. :slight_smile:
As for RitterSport, I recognize the name and don’t have you pegged as a jerk, a kindred spirit, or a jerk who is a kindred spirit. That goes for most of the posters here, so…you’re in good company?
As for Inigo, I have marked him down as deserving of a noogie.

I agree with all that, EXCEPT that if they made taste and texture secondary, they really nailed those, too. Seriously, are there better chocolate bars out there? Maybe some English Cadbury ones?

My honest feedback for you is that I think you’re a good and valuable poster but I don’t really like that movie.

You’re in my Goofballs bucket. I like the Goofballs bucket.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. They did a great job. I love Ritter Sports. My favorite are the butter biscuit one and the cornflakes one. And the hazelnut one, and, well, who am I kidding? Just give me any of them. But I just find it amusing that those are the qualities they point out as their motto. “Praktische” gets me every time. It’s something I associate more with the selling of, I dunno, portable table saws than chocolates. :slight_smile:

I love their various Vollnuss (whole nuts) bars, plus their dark chocolate with marzipan. Also, their 50% dark. I’ve never had their white chocolate bars, because I don’t like white chocolate, but I bet they nailed it anyway. Man, you even get the German versions. You’re right, though, who ever heard of a practical chocolate bar?

If we turned this into a Cafe Society thread extolling the virtues of my namesake, would that make this any less of a lame, self-indulgent thread?

Eh, you’re ok, but that sun jester dude was better. Actually, the sun jester was only ok, and you are a little bit worse than him, so maybe calling you ok is a bit generous. But that guy is gone so there’s no point in continuing on with that comparison. Um, now where was I? Oh, yeah, you are ok I guess.

Mostly it’s the characters who stand out, and more commonly not for strongly positive reasons. Alternatively some posters are “known” for specific areas of expertise or interest. And some for the personal stories/sagas they have shared.

Looking over some of your posting history RitterSport you are a solid reasonable intelligent poster making reasonable contributions, expressing reasonable opinions, and asking intelligent questions. You don’t seem to have any specific area that you have extremely strong special interests in or opinions about, just an overall solid contributor. Part of the muscle and essential organs of this community but not the pimple on the nose that gets noticed so much … but also not the infectious laugh. To make a High School theater analogy - more efficient and competent stage crew than lead.

I only hope I can be characterized as well!