Who Is RitterSport again?


Man, I love this description! You’re right, though – certain people stand out in a positive or negative way, or because they know everything about certain things (Chronos, Stranger on a Train, Colibri, to name a few standout experts), but I really do take a middle road. I didn’t really realize it before. I know a fair amount about certain subjects, but I’ll usually make a single contribution and that’s it. I try to keep things civil, I guess. I think I’ve only started a few Pit threads and they usually die off.

I have a positive impression of you, but I can’t point my figure exactly at why. I’ll leave it to someone with your descriptive flair to really do you justice.

I’m not exactly sure what version we get around here. I see them all the time at the Polish places, but I assume they’re the American versions. (And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them at the Targets here, too.) But I first encountered Ritter Sports from living in Hungary in the late 90s and early 00s, where the slogan on the back was “Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut.” And that slogan has stayed with me since.

As for your OP, I certainly know your name as a poster, but I’ve never associated it with anything negative. I tend to mostly hang out in CS and GQ and avoid GD, Elections, and the Pit for the most part. Not exclusively, but I don’t recall you pinging my radar as “who the fuck is that jagoff?” and there definitely is a list of those people on my radar. So you must by okay. :slight_smile:

Wait, you are Ritter Sport again? Not Ritter Sport still? And you are German chocolate, like the cake? So confused. So very confused. I could do without the nuts in the frosting, though. On that point I’m pretty clear. Of course, if you are a guy then nuts are standard equipment. I get that. No way to tell from your name. Still, I don’t have to like them. The nuts, that is. I do like mine though. Very much.

What was the question again?

You I know, you are mostly harmless and often entertaining.
But I do love the movie your name is from.


What? What were you going to say? I need more recognition!! Darn it!