Road Trip!

Getting off work a tad early today; that is, I’m only putting in the hours required of employees, rather than my usual 10+. I’m gonna drive home real fast and pick up Genghis Boy, and then off we’ll go for a Kerouacesqe tour of bits of the midwest, destination: Richmond Indiana, the home of Earlham College.

. . . more likely, I’ll get home to find Genghis Boy has not yet packed, hasn’t taken the trash to the curb (trash day is tomorow), and doesn’t really want to go after all. I’ll have to throw him bodily into the car and hope his mood changes some time during the three-plus-hour drive.

The first hour should pass in companionable silence; the last time we did this, we had a Pink Floyd-a-thon, listening to The Wall the entire way to East Lansing. On the way home from that one, we talked.

For Genghis Boy, this trip represents an interuption to summertime indolence and boredom. This sounds like a good thing, but indolence and boredom have a certain comforting sameness; visiting a college campus, sitting in on a class in a subject he may not have been exposed too, being led around by an upperclassman? Interesting, but intimidating, perhaps taxing, and maybe too much of a reminder that there’s a lot he doesn’t know yet, a lot he hasn’t been exposed to.

So I expect a minor melt-down tonight, perhaps some foot-dragging tomorow. If history is any guide, he’ll warm up to the whole idea about halfway through our visit, and he may even be enthused well into our trip home.

For me? This is a vacation, baby. A weekday spent out of the office, on the road with my son, visiting (what I hope will be) a cool place. I’m in weekend mode already, just thinking about it.