Roadies Season 1 Ep. 1

Lovin’ the new show. Cameron Crowe has great taste in music, not that I’m overly surprised based on where he comes from. (See Almost Famous if you don’t get that; it’s basically the story of his early life. He’s one of my two favorite journalists of all time, for completely different reasons. Edward R. Murrow is the other.)

I’d never heard I Wish I Was Sober by Frightened Rabbit or All We Ever Knew by The Head and the Heart; excellent songs. I listened to some of their other stuff; just couldn’t get into Frightened Rabbit much, but The Head and the Heart grabbed me pretty well. Always nice to come across some listenable new stuff every once in a while.

All in all, it’s a pretty cool view of behind-the scenes happenings for those touring bands, with good acting. I just hope it does well enough to keep on keepin’ on. Luckily it’s on Showtime so its success might not be too ratings-driven.

Ron White was awesome, but it looks like he won’t be back much, if at all, sadly…