Roast in hell, Swell Season suicide jumper!

Ok, first, I don’t believe in hell, but if there is one, I hope he’s a low-level accounts clerk processing the same paperwork over and over again for eternity.

Second, I understand all about depression, and have been in deep dark places where suicide seemed like the best option and it’s really amazing that I lived through those times, so believe me, I do understand how depression can make you irrational, but DAMN, what made him think this was the way to go?

Man jumps to death onto stage at Calif concert

You’re dead. Check.

You traumatized a lot of people who saw you jump and die. Check.

You traumatized a sweet, gentle band whose only purpose was to make sweet, gentle music to make people feel good. Fucking check.

Geez, was he really THAT pissed off that the song won the Oscar?

(Edit to add that I’m sorry for his family and friends, but also that the truly wonderful Marketa Irglova had to witness that.)

If it was only 20 feet, are they sure he didn’t think he could make it?


I feel bad and sad for all involved, but I had to smile at this news story about the incident. It has to be read in its entirety, preferably out loud.


The next sentence is better:

It was nice of the man to at least put some artistry into it.

I was wondering about the writing style for a sec, then I checked the banner and found that it was a news site from India. Does anyone know if this is a typical style, or if it’s being written up as entertainment news?

Here’s an article with less news about the jumper, but more about the band.

All news stories should be written like this.

It doesn’t read like any form of Indian English to me. I suspect there’s some type of translation software in the mix.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that alcohol was involved.

Players of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion know who wrote that article.

Er, I mean…

Forsooth, those that take great exultation in the computerator game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion have knowledge of the chap who penned that composition.

With a Hindi accent. OMG.
I feel similarly angry at suicides who step in front of trains. I was on a commuter train that was delayed 4 hours, amongst many traumatized people who witnessed many pieces and parts being searched for and retrieved by emergency crews. Mental illness, whatever, do it at home.

That must be one crappy band.

Was that a joke or do you really not know who they are? Did you see the movie Once? The song “Falling Slowly” won the Academy Award for Best Original Song (ok, technically, Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song) over 3 songs from Enchanted and a song from the movie August Rush.

Hm. I came in here all fire and brimstone about selfish assholes who commit suicide in ways that needlessly traumatize other people, but now I’m wondering if he really meant to die. Is it possible to be so drugged/drunk/delusional to think you’d survive a 20-foot fall?

That article is great, by the way. You guys aren’t quoting the best part, though:

Never heard of them. I have heard that “Falling Slowly” song, and find it insufferably precious. It was also grossly overplayed. I can totally understand why it would make somebody jump off a roof.

I really doubt anybody (besides the jumper’s loved ones) was all that traumatized, by the way. It just gives them a story to tell. It’s not like he shot anybody.

Why can’t it be both? (I thought it was funny, by the way.)

I had no idea who they were, either, and I’ve seen that movie. You can be a little self-righteous about this sort of thing, Equipoise. That information would have been quite welcome minus the condescension.

You don’t think that watching a person fall to his death would be traumatizing???

The news already has too much liberal arts bias!!!1!!!1!

Not to a crowd of strangers, no, and not when it’s a suicide. I think they’re all probably doing ok with it. I doubt any of them have PTSD or anything. Shit happens in the world.

I know this will turn into a thing where you say it’s impossible for anyone to be traumatized by seeing someone die because you wouldn’t be traumatized, but trust me, I would be exceedingly traumatized if I saw someone, even a total stranger, die a violent death right in front of me.