Rob Ford has died

There, I resisted the urge to say he went to the great crack house in the sky! :wink:

Seriously, it is of course a shame.

Poor SOB.

Rob Ford Gawker Gallery for ole times sake

The picture of Rob laughing at a dummy made to look like Death is kind of unsettling.

Now the dream of having Ford as Canadian PM while Trump is POTUS can never be. :frowning:

But seriously - I am sorry for his family’s loss.

Yes, I positively loathed the man in life, but I’m amazed how bummed out I am right now.

Same here. He’s a year older than I am and our kids are almost the same age.

He’s been a train wreck for years, but I do feel badly for his family.

He was one of those larger than life characters. He totally undermined international stereotypes about Canadians. May he rest in peace.

CBC News Network reported “Rob Ford, controversial former mayor of Toronto* is dying” and went to a 2 minute or so retrospective, then right after that segment announced his death. Somehow I had never realized we were exactly the same age.
Oddly, we were watching old 22 minute episodes from 2013 and 2014 last night, and comparing to “current” pictures is shocking. His recent public images showed a sick and diminished man.

Cancer sucks, and I am sorry that some people lost family member. My son’s grandmother’s “boyfriend” of 20+ years is currently in hospice. My partner’s Dad is also not doing well, chemo and radiation aren’t helping his stage 4 colon cancer, and he isn’t a surgical candidate. But these men are in their 70s. Rob Ford was young.

As for the rest, he was not a nice person. But that is all I will say today.

Ted Cruz will carry on the fight…

Cancer sucks.

I wish his friends and family the best.

No matter how misguided the individual may be, there is something admirable about a person who just lives their life however they please, and damn the torpedoes!

Very sorry to the Ford family for their loss.

He had no business being mayor of even the smallest village and was a complete train wreck, but nobody deserves to die of cancer. At least his pain is gone.

So when will someone introduce him to cocaine? :stuck_out_tongue:

Politics aside, I always followed Rob Ford’s antics in the news with amazement. Condolences to his family.

A very unusual man. It sounds like he had a painful end, which I sympathise with, having watched a loved one die of cancer.

I feel for his young family and his wife.

RIP Mr Ford.

Does his cancer in any way connect to his drug use? Like maybe there is some link to how much he used, or that he was actually in pain and self-medicating?

Well, according to this here he only felt symptoms three months before the diagnosis. The drug abuse predates that considerably, so, that’s highly unlikely.

I think his father also died from the same cancer.

Ford should never have been Mayor of Toronto. Having said that, I cannot help but be sympathetic after reading his biography. No dog should be treated the way Ford’s father treated him his entire life until his (father’s) death.

I am not suggesting cause and effect, but if you read of his wretched treatment and life under his father, some effect was intended and was effective. Ford could never satisfy his father no matter what he did from childhood on. When he ran for office, his father announced that he would not vote for him, and would/did vote for his opponent.

When Ford ran for Mayor, same routine, voted for opponent, and when RF won, he would not even attend Ford’s victory celebration. The level of mental train wrecks of Ford senior’s children (one daughter still a major drug addict) speaks loudly of what a jerk the father was.

That is sad. Compare that with “Miss Lillian” Carter, who on Jimmy Carter’s inauguration for president was asked “Are you proud of your son?” and she said “Which one? I’m proud of all my children.”

If you don’t want your kids to be a Rob Ford, be a Miss Lillian, not a Doug Ford Sr.

Age 46… Damn. Yeah we had a load of fun mocking him, but damn it that was a rough road to go down.