Rob Zombie's next project: The Munsters?!?

As reported here:
Rob Zombie To Direct ‘The Munsters’ For Universal – Deadline

I can’t imagine the casting for this one…but I can’t wait to see it.

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb by predicting that his wife will definitely be playing Lily.

I’m 100% in.

I know he’s not really a movie guy, but Brad Garrett was born to play Herman Munster.

I hope they come up with an interesting backstory for why this family consists of an artificially created person, a boy with lycanthropy, one or two vampires (was Lily supposed to be a vampire, as well as Grandpa?), and a blonde. I mean, without a backstory, it’s just silly.

Wasn’t part of the point in the series that there was no backstory? The absurdity of the situation itself was funny.

Yeah, I really want an explanation for the blonde. That’s just weird.

I was dismissive of RZ as a director until I watched The Devils Rejects. That movie was a masterpiece. He’s made a bunch of stinkers since then but he will always get the benefit of the doubt from me on new movies because he demonstrated real skill on DR so I know he could do it again.

Munsters doesn’t sound like the basis of a good movie for anyone though. It has to be a comedy and can’t have any origin story because, well, its the Munsters so it’s even further out of his wheelhouse.

Yeah, I thought that was kind of the point of the series. It’s the classic Universal monsters in a family sitcom, and there’s no particular rhyme or reason to any of it.

But, for what its worth, the failed 2012 reboot pilot, Mockingbird Lane, actually did try for a coherent backstory. Spoilers, I guess:

If I recall correctly, Grandpa was a mad scientist and a vampire, and he was the one that brought back Herman from the dead. Eddie is a werewolf because lycanthropy is a recessive hereditary trait; both Herman and Lily apparently have a copy of the recessive gene. Marilyn is “normal” because she’s a mutant - everyone was disappointed that she had no monstrous traits, and she lives with her aunt and uncle because her mother rejected her for being human. There were hints that there was even more going on, with Grandpa being a genuinely scary evil genius, which would be revealed as the series progressed - which series never materialized.

I always thought she was a ‘bride of Frankenstein’ type. Lily and the BOF both had prominent streaks of white in their hair.

There’s a black sheep in every family.

I’m hearing his “More Human Than Human” song playing over the closing credits.

Or Dragula.

FWIW I always liked the Munsters more than the Addamses. The Munsters were (ab)normal folk, just trying to get by. Herman had a regular job. I’d hate to live next to the Addams house. You could end up dead just by accident.

Given that, the Munsters was a product of its time. If it were remade, it would need updating. And that would ruin it. Just like Bewitched.

Just create a new show, people!

Too bad Sid Haig died. He was always a RZ favorite and he would have made a great “Grandpa.”

Would be interesting if it was shot in a Natural Born Killers sort of way. Some old sitcom stylings along with a laugh track mashed with some modern gore and violence.