Robert Conrad- still a hottie!

I was watching the History Channel the last couple of nights, and they are showing reruns of “Black Sheep Squadron.”

Wow! I had forgotten how good-looking Robert Conrad was, in those tight t-shirts and flight suits. Mmmmmmm…

Then, just before the commercial breaks, they would show parts of an interview with him today, and he still looks great! He must be at least 60, white hair, but still a stud!

I can’t wait to turn on the TV tonight!

I remember Conrad as Pasquinal from “Centennial.” I really liked him.

I’m the wrong sex and orientation to comment on how “hot” he is, though I agree he is handsome. I wouldn’t have guessed the ladies would fall for him, seeing how short he is and how many women prefer the tall guys.

He hosts one of the regular shows on the History Channel, FWIW. I don’t remember which one though.

Danimal, you just never can tell who we’ll fall for. Look at Dave Matthews & Phil Collins, for example!

Bob Conrad is a damn handsome man, but what about some other older guys? Not the easy ones, like Sean Connery, Newman & Redford, etc, but maybe lesser-known guys?

Well, what do you think of Jack Palance? The man is positively geriatric, but to my mind he’s still handsome in a rugged, weatherbeaten way. Is he sexy? You tell me.

Or how about Ted Kennedy? I know lots of women used to fall all over him, and when I saw him at the Democratic convention, he still looked fairly good.