I wouldn't sell my soul for this man, but...

Hey, the guys can have their little testosterone fest , why can’t we be just as superficial?

Ladies, I give you Oded , studmuffin extrordinaire. He looks good in a suit and he even exudes sex appeal upside-down .

Gimme some beefcake! :smiley:

OK Yep - That’s an offer that COULD NOT be refused.

He would definately be on the list.

(You know the list, right? Sex with anyone on your list is not cheating. No guilt from the SO)

Yep, I’d do him!

THAT guy! I loved him in The Mummy movies with tattoos on his face. Yum.

Daaaaaaaayyyyyyyyum! “Yum”, indeed. Well put, Gundy.

I’m not gay or bi, but I think that guy is better looking than the girl was that started the other thread.

And this guy is numero uno on MY list. I’m a total sucker for men with dark hair and blue eyes. He also has an Irish accent.



And Pierce Brosnan? Another one. In fact, I think he’s responsible for my fixation…I was going through puberty about the time Reminton Steele was popular. He’s even sexier when you consider how devoted he was/is to his wives (the first one died) and children. There’s nothing like a hot family man.


He & Rachel Weisz were the two best parts of The Mummy. :slight_smile: Though if I swung that way I’d have to go for Benicio del Toro.

What about the croatian actor currently playing a doctor on ER? Saw him years ago in Welcome to Sarajevo, good movie by the way. He’s one to ponder.

I’ve had the hots for Antonio Banderas for about 17 years +/-, the soul would be considered for him.

And Gabriel Byrne was an excellent choice, another I’ve lusted after for a while.

Absolutely not, just demanding equal time for XY hotties.

Purr. Thank you, that man is like liquid fuck.

Selective quoting at its best!!!

I dunno, I’m definitely taking second glances at Colin Farrell these days. Dark hair, dark eyes, boyish good looks but still so much of a man…

I haven’t managed to take my eyes off Colin Farrell to give him a second glance.
He steals every scene he’s in, you just can’t look at anyone else when he’s on screen

I want to bear Bobby Cannavale’s baby. That man is so sexy it should be illegal.


Who first fell for the delectable Mr. Cannavale when he played Torquemada, OZ’s resident acid-wielding, glass-eyed Latino drag queen. What?

Clears throat


Ladies, might I direct your lust-filled eyes here?

Talk about hunka-hunka burning LOVE!:cool:

[sup]The link goes to my best bud’s website, which he is just fooling around with as he figures out a new HTML program… so there’s not a lot there… but if you follow the “Dan page link” you’ll see some major beef-cake shots of yours truely! And if you click on “Fun with Photoshop” you can see me with some motorcycle babes, and me and Astrogirl sharing the same beard/goatee! Try to control yourselves… I’m taken.[/sup]

That would be the oh so delicious Goran Visnjic

Christian Bale: Pure Physical Perfection

When I was 14, I would have swallowed glass for Eddie Vedder

That Oded guy could be my brother. Really, my brother looks just like him, sans goatee.

We should meet.

Oh yeah. We’ve gotta meet.

I’m just a sucker for them British accents.
Even fake ones.

I was ready to proclaim Goran Visnjic the true love of my life (I don’t think hubby minds, really), but then I saw the movie The Recruit, and caught sight of the delicious Colin Farrell!! I’ll tell ya, somethimes I think it’s not til after the age of 40 that your hormones really start to rage!!:wink:

Entertaining :slight_smile: I prefer girlies, but on my “top 5” on the guys side we have the two boyos listed first in the thread, Oded Fehr and Goran Visnijic. Real men! I would also throw in Aragorn, Son of Arathorn (note, not Viggo Mortensen, just Aragorn) and Jackson from Ally McBeal, that guy looks like someone made him on purpose.

Oh my. This thread’s making break out into a sweat before I’ve had a chance to go work out. :smiley:

I do have to say that both Oded and Benicio are both men that I’d get down on my knees and bark like a dog for. I’ve always loved the dark complexion and long, thick, dark hair on both men and women. Rowr.

Here’s my favorite photo of Oded

But I really go for the classics