not attractive, but sexy?

Who are they?

The people who if you just saw a photograph of, you would dismiss as unatractive. But after seeing them move, talk, act, sing, whatever…they make ya feel kinda ‘special’?

I have a couple people in mind that fit this category, Sandra Bernhardt (sp?) and PJ Harvey.

Christopher Walken (Walkin?). I know, but he just does it for me somehow.

Also David Bowie and that guy that played the computer geek in Independence Day and was also in Jurrasic Park. Jeff Goldbloom, is it?

As for the women, Uma Thurman.

“I should not take bribes and Minister Bal Bahadur KC should not do so either. But if clerks take a bribe of Rs 50-60 after a hard day’s work, it is not an issue.” ----Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, Current Prime Minister of Nepal

Jenna Elfman!

Lili Taylor.

“It’s my considered opinion you’re all a bunch of sissies!”–Paul’s Grandfather

Jeaneane Garofalo

Sigourney Weaver

Tom Jones!

so you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts. what’s so amazing about really deep thoughts? Tori Amos

I’m confused, few of those people are what I would consider unattractive. So Jeaneane Garofalo doesn’t look like Malibu Barbie™ but I do not consider that to be a drawback, she’s a major cutie pie. I wonder if she has an older sister that isn’t quite so angst-filled.

They don’t call me the colonel because I’m some dumb ass army guy.

You’re right, of course, Padeye, but this discussion is apparently about famous people, and I think you gotta admit that Jeaneane, while cute by normal people standards, is no, shall we say, Jenna Elfman. I chose to interpret the question as: “What famous person do you find sexually attractive based on a quality other than his/ her looks.” And I could listen to J.G. talk for hours.

And I say Uma Thurman is Beee-autiful! So there!

“Teaching without words and work without doing are understood by very few.”
-Tao Te Ching

Stoli, of course I’m right. :wink: But do you mean to tell me that you’ve been brainwashed into thinking “normal” people are less attractive than celebreties? I think J.G. is a babe specifically because she is not a Barbie™ doll. For someone so cynical she has a smile that is pure sunshine. When I saw The Truth About Cats and Dogs I thought I was the only one who preferred her to Umma Thurman. yes, Umma is pretty but doesn’t really do much for me.

The original post specified people who are unattractive physically. Free your mind from Madison Avenue’s influence.

Enough rant, I’ll leave you with this. “Pretty women are for men with no imagination.” (I think, paraphrasing) Marcel Proust (I think)

They don’t call me the colonel because I’m some dumb ass army guy.

I’m almost to my 200th post so I have to rant a little more.

Democritus, I’m not huge Umma fan but I’ll agree with you because of the Venus on the half-shell scene in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. I just generally associate her with the needle in the heart scene from Pulp Fiction.

Padeye, in a word, yes.

I don’t know if I’d characterize it as brainwashing, but my sense of what is attractive seems to jibe with public demand, for better or worse.

However, there’s definitely a “too much” category, including Pamela Lee and her ilk, that would not be my idea of beauty.

Seems to me that most famous women are attractive because they wouldn’t become famous if they weren’t. I can think of a lot of respected male celebrities who are uglier than all-get-out. Especially in the arena of character actors and musicians. But it seems just to get a shot as a woman, you have to have a pretty face. But who am I to rant, if I’m gleefuly gobbling up what they serve me?

Regarding Jeaneane, I do think she’s cute, but if she would just poof up her hair once in a while, you know, like a halo? THE MAN APPRECIATES THE EFFORT, you know?

Mick Jagger. I always thought he was the homliest guy ever, then I saw the Steel Wheels tour several years ago. All through the show, all I could think was “Well. Now I know what a hot babe like Jerry Hall sees in this guy.” Sex appeal just oozing out of every pore.

My “not-conventionally-cute-but-still-damn-yummy” men are:

Jeff Goldblum
Mike Myers
Kevin Spacey

I dunno, there’s just something about actual talent and substance that makes a girl go all mushy inside.

As far as women go, there are three women whom I absolutely adore, I think because they remind me of me and my two best friends. These would be the women who would have to play us if ever such a movie was made. Janeane Garofolo, as me. Angelina Jolie, as Catte. Courtney Love, as Robin. It’s an attitude connection more than physical resemblance, although Robin and Courtney Love do look a helluva lot alike.

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ChrisCTP–are you sure you aren’t my girlfriend IRL and neither of us know the other posts to this board???

::drooling:: Venuuuussssss…Yummy!

“Teaching without words and work without doing are understood by very few.”
-Tao Te Ching

I find John Goodman incredibly attractive; he just radiates intelligence. And that’s sexy.


Definitely Jeff Goldblum; intelligence and hidden depths. I loved him in Buckaroo, The Fly, and even Big Chill.

Anyone else remember his great tv show, Tenspeed and Brownshoe? He was a sweet, naive guy trying to be a detective straight out of Chandler, etc. He partnered with a (I think) Ben Vereen, a bright, savvy realist who actually solved things but couldn’t quite find the heart to destroy Goldblum’s dreams.

Sorry. Sidetrack there. I’ll go away now.


I think that two of the men that have sex appeal…but just are not “handsome” by movie standards…especially because of their ages now…are Michael Douglas and Clint Eastwood…