Reveal Your Unattractive Celebrity Crush

If John Belushi wasn’t dead and old, rather, straight out of Animal House with his ‘College’ shirt on, telling me what my Delta-Delta-Delta sorority equivalent name was…I’d do him. Yup. This sickens most of the people I know beyond belief, yet the aforementioned still stands.

Anyway, I’m curious: in your humble opionion, what celebrities that the rest of society views as being as sexually appealing as an elderly syphillitic panda bear are still do-able? Come on, don’t be shy. If you don’t reveal your unattractive celebrity crush, you get stuck with the panda with syphillis.

Unattractive is, of course, in the eye of the beholder, but I’ve always found Alice Cooper rather appealing. Definitely better than a syphilitic panda…

Does Minnie Driver count?

How about Minnie Pearl?

Kevin Spacey, baby.

I’ve had a thing for Chelsea Clinton for years.

Dr. J

A lot of people thought the girl who played Blossom wasn’t attractive, but she had a sexy way about her (I was a kid when that show was on, so no pervert accusations, please).

Greg Allman
Bernie Mac
Chris Robinson (as in Black Crowes)
George Clinton (as in Dr. Funkenstein)
Stevie Ray Vaughn . . .

Yikes, Man, the list goes on and on . . . I think my only (traditionally) attractive celebrity crush is Benjamin Bratt. I happen to think that Tupac has the most amazingly beautiful face I’ve EVAHHH! seen, but I’m not sure which way Conventional Taste swings on that one . . .

Oh, and for the record, cuauhtemoc, my SO at the time thought Mayim Bialik was cute, too.

speaking of blossom…
I liked her friend six… for some strange reason…

a lot of people think Drew Berrymore is ugly…
She is one of my favorites… except for the whole tom green thing… I could never touch a girl that f’d tom green

definitely Kevin Spacey… without a doubt the sexiest man alive.

Gene Simmons.

Steve Buchemi. I have absoultely no idea why.

Tim Robinson… He’s not a hardbody or a ‘Tom Cruise’ pretty boy, but something about his tall, lanky body and thoughtful expression… sighs

You’re a triple nipple?! 50% more fun bags!

Mine is Michelle Pfeiffer. That old wrinkly hag can grease herself into her catwoman suit and do me anytime. Besides which, her sister DeeDee is really hot.

Lynn Russell of CNN Headline isn’t a classic beauty, but with those lips, I’d believe anything she told me.

Kid Rock, for sure!

I just think he’s SEXY!!! Most people think he’s gross looking, though.


Nicholas Cage is a hottie so I dont think he’s unattractive but he is my celebrity crush

Elliot Smith; David Bowie (many people find him unappealing) .
And, boy, YOU guys are sure wierd. Kid Rock? It’s like if someone cross-bred David Lee Roth and Danny DeVito.

I thought about it, and I don’t really have any that are unattractive. The closest would be Janeane Garofalo, since many people apparently find her unattractive, but I know she has many fans who think she’s cute, like I do.

I think Nancy Reagan is pretty damn hot.