Robert Friel stop spamming me!

Is anybody else getting half a dozen emails every day from this guy? Most have .scr attachments that contain the W32/Yaha.g@MM Virus. I’m at my limit of ten filters on Hotmail so I can’t even block this guy.


Let’s send this baby to the BBQ Pit so that proper appreciation can be shown. In the meantime, I would delete the least offensive of the ten filters and add one for Mr. Friel. Also e-mail the folks at Hotmail to let them know they have a problem with this bozo that they must fix, or you will be forced to drop them.

Oh no, I’m in the pit. I feel so dirty.

The problem with the filters is that Hotmail apparently made the ten filter restriction at a time when I had something like 30 set up. I tried to delete a few (I’m down to 25 now) but I keep getting the message that I’m over the ten filter limit for free accounts. So it seems that I would have to give up most of my filters to fall below the limit of ten before I can set up a new one for Mr. Friel.

Are you sure his email address isn’t being spoofed?

Having recently re-read the TMI thread, the jokes that are flowing through my mind right now…