Robert Osborne RIP

Robert Osborne, Beloved Host of Turner Classic Movies, Dies at 84

Another icon of Hollywood passes on. If there was ever a better movie historian/host, I don’t know who it would be. RIP, Mr. Osborne.

Ah, man.

I saw him interview Lauren Bacall, whom he obviously idolized.

Damn. I’ve remarked to Mrs. L.A. a few times in the past couple of years that he didn’t look his age.

I’m sorry to hear this. I can’t say it’s entirely surprising news–as the obituary mentions, he missed the last couple of TCM Classic Film Festivals for health reasons, and it’s been pretty obvious from watching his more recent appearances that he didn’t have the energy that he used to. But it’s still sad to hear about. Robert was the face of that network for years, and I always appreciated his deep knowledge and obvious love for the movies. He will be missed.

I remember him also from his previous gig at The Movie Channel. Now I’m wondering how Joe Bob Briggs is holding up.

Oh, sh-t. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I’m sorry. That was an honest first response to hearing of the death of the man whose voice I’d heard HUNDREDS of times as one of my favorite movies was about to come on at AMC.

Some snacks, a glass of red wine, and the voice of Robert Osborne… all before the magic began.

What would it be…?
The Maltese Falcon?
To Have And Have Not?
The Bishops Wife?
Mr Blanding’s Dream House?
To Catch A Thief?
Mr. Lucky?
The Best Years of Our Lives?
Twelve Angry Men?
Gunga Din?
The Grapes of Wrath?
Night of The Hunter?
His Kind of Woman
Cape Fear?
The Big Country?
To Kill A Mockingbird?
Roman Holiday?
The Yearling?
The Blue Dahlia?
The Glass Key?

He was the man who’d seem to watch with you and who’d share some details behind the movies; his was the chair in your living room that was always full, but never took up any space.

In recent years, I think he even spoke of wines that were a perfect pairing for each movie, but somehow I never managed to drink a toast to him. I regret that now. :frowning:

RIP, Robert Osborne

TCM has never felt the same to me since he’s been gone. He was the perfect movie host. In fact, it’s hard to even watch a classic movie DVD without expecting to see his face and hear his voice at the beginning.

So very sorry to hear of his passing. I’m sure he was a lovely man.

I hope they keep using his introductions before the movies, at least some of the time. Special showings, fine, use Ben Mankiewicz. He’s a good host.

Joe Bob is only 64 years old, and he is still making lots of public appearances, according to his website.

So sorry to hear this. He always made it seem like my favorite movies were his as well. RIP.

Yes, I watched a lot of Bogart movies with him.

I might just have to go on “The Great Movie” ride this weekend in his honor…

I was so sorry to hear of this. He was so wonderful at his job, his passion for film was infective.

A big loss for Hollywood !

Here is the “TCM Remembers” tribute to him.

Sometimes when a well-known actor dies, TCM will replace it’s planned program with a bunch of that actor’s movies for part of a day.

Too bad that can’t do this in his honor.

I was under the impression he had chosen Drew Barrymore as his successor. Did she get tired of co-hosting?

I thought Drew was only a co-host of ‘The Essentials,’ rather than being a TCM Host in general.

I’ll always think of Robert Osborne in his 2000 interview with Betty Hutton, who had had a tragic life and had disappeared from the public eye, and was re-discovered as an elderly church lay-worker. She seemed so reassured by his kindness.|0/Private-Screenings-Betty-Hutton.html

Did he conduct enough interviews that several could be shown together?

I happened to see Ben Mankiewicz’s intro to The Desert Rats last night, in which he talked about Osborne’s death. He said, among other things, that TCM would be “honoring Robert more fully in the weeks to come.” I imagine they’re preparing something, whether it’s a retrospective special, a day full of his interviews, a collection of his personal favorite movies, or something else. Exactly what form it will take, we’ll have to wait and see. But I’m sure they’ll do something beyond just the brief “TCM Remembers” bumper.

Even though he wasn’t primarily an actor, director, or filmmaker, I would love to see him included in the “In Memorium” reel at next year’s Oscars.

The AMPAS would leave that to the Emmy people. OTOH, he did appear in Psycho.