Robert Redford Retiring

Forrest Tucker in The Old Man & the Gun will be his final role.

He’s looking a bit ragged. Still pretty though. IMO.

End of an era. Congratulations, Mr. Redford.

I remember first seeing Redford as Maj. Julian Cook in “A Bridge Too Far.”

Loved him in A Sting, and Love Story.

Wasn’t that Ryan O’Neal in Love Story?

I think I liked/loved everything Redford was in.

Being in Love Story means never having to say I’m sorry.

You mean he hadn’t retired already?


Hell, I didn’t even know he was still alive.

The earliest thing I remember seeing him in was a 1962 episode of The Twilight Zone, though there must have been other shows (Perry Mason, Alfred Hitchcock Presents) going back even farther.

I hope Redford is still healthy and can enjoy retirement. I guess the Sundance Festival can continue without his involvement?

I remember Newman retired and died shortly afterwards.

Him and O’Neal are the last of the great blond pretty boys.
Redford had those eyes. They set him apart.

I am going to guess that the Situation is … Not Serious.

I like most of his movies, especially Butch Cassidy, and The Way We Were, but i’ve come to realize he isn’t that good of an actor.

Remember how Clint Eastwood said he was retiring from acting 10 years ago:

And now the latest movie he is starring in is the Mule about a 90 year old drug courier:

Assuming his health is still adequate Redford could well come back for the right project.

Clint Eastwood cannot stay away from the movies. He might have considered retiring, but what would he do? He seems to enjoy starring and making movies. It’s all he’s know for his half century dedicated to the industry.

Yeah, I thought he was dead.

Oh, that’s because I get these two conflated. The Sting is one of my favorite films.

I disagree, he isn’t a great actor by any means, but he is a good actor, especially for a movie star. Occasionally he has been asked to act and does so well.
I think he showed off his acting ability in All the President’s Men and The Candidate.
Plenty of stars aren’t good actors and are out of their depth when they try to act. Redford at least can act.

Yell at chairs.

I loved Robert Redford in just about everything he’s done. It’s hard to see the pretty boys age, but I also find it hard to see him with his hair dyed dandelion yellow!

He’s already done that. That takes a couple minutes. Next!