Robot Chicken Star Wars

View trailer and read story. Coming June 17 to Adult Swim! I am so pumped! Except we don’t get Adult Swim! So coming to us some time after that, I guess!

Okay, done now.

Bu-but … isn’t that the same day Bill Engvall’s new show debuts?


“What the hell’s an Aluminum Falcon?” Mwahahahaah!

Under no circumstances should any Star Wars fan miss the complete version of The Emperor’s Phone Call.

Awesome! (said in the Robot Chicken drunk sorority chick voice)

Any idea how long this will be? Standard 10-15 minute Robot Chicken, or perhaps longer? My hubby and I are now officially psyched!

Hal, thank you for posting that link. One of my all time favorite RC bits, although Jesus looking up from the cross and saying “Boo!” to the children may be a skosh funnier.

This is the other notable SW/RC skit.

It should be pretty funny; looking forward to it.

And to the OP–don’t worry: YouTube will have it within hours. :slight_smile:

Of course - I keep forgetting about that. :smiley:

(Spent an enjoyable half hour or so looking at Robot Chicken on YouTube last night. Heh. Seth Green is one strange little man.)

I dunno, I like the Jesus in Kill Bill bit, and the one with the nerd going to unicorn land.

What’s with that wookiee on the Star Wars site? He looks like a porn star…

This is going to be either 30 minutes or one hour- I forget which. This is an official production authorized by Lucasfilm- for the past few years, Lucasfilm has okayed fan-made parodies of Star Wars and even has an annual awards show for them with the winner picked by George Lucas himself. He apparently loves them, and enjoyed the Robot Chicken spoofs of Star Wars, hence this special.

One thing I’d love to see as one of those little two second bits is Han and Greedo arguing over who shot first.

“I shot first!”
“No, I shot first!”

Oh yeah, like The Phantom Menace!

So, anyone catch it?

Overall, pretty good (though reprising a couple previous bits was a bummer; the Palpatine bit’s a riot but the Bush/Jedi skit remains lame).

The recurring janitor gag, the ATAT toilet, Late night with Zuckuss, Empire on Ice–all fun, though my favorite was a day in the life of “Walrusman”.

What ArchiveGuy said, with two exceptions.

–I thought Empire On Ice was pretty bad, and was a horrible way to end the show.

–“Toshi Station and the Power Converters” forced me to pause the DVR, I was laughing so damn hard. I love obscure jokes. :slight_smile:

It’s on the DVR for tonight’s viewing pleasure.

My personal favorite was the Jar Jar sketch, followed by the Yo Momma fight (especially Palpatine’s lame attempt to explain “light saber”) and Admiral Ackbar Cereal. It’s a trap!

I can’t stop singing some of those little songs. I’m the Wampa, I’m the snowman, and I’m not taking any from no man! Luke, he hasn’t arrived yet! I fear that he may be done! His chances of surviving here are ten million and five to one!

I liked the scene where Vader and Skywalker are having their fight and Vader starts off with “I’m your father!” and Luke protests, “That’s impossible,” and Vader keeps giving away more plot points while Luke protests, “That makes no sense!” “That’s highly unlikely” until finally Luke walks away, saying, 'If you won’t take this seriously, then I won’t either."

I thought it started bad, and then the sheer parody badness hooked me (especially the end song, sung to Vader’s theme):

“Here we are–the Empire on Ice!
All those rebels will pay a big price.
Vader’s not nice,
and the tauntaun gets sliced
and Chewbacca has lice.
The Empire on Ice!” :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought the worst skit was the fan convention/tauntaun bit.

That was the 3rd skit that was a repeat from previous RC eps (the other two being the ones I previously mentioned).

I immediately thought it was them making fun of the Star Wars Christmas Special.

My favorite, though, was Leia to Luke:
“That was so wrong.”