Robots, start your engines. Darpa Grand Challenge event this weekend.

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Anyhow, I am interested in this race. Who do you think will finish or will be first?

I was thinking about joining UCDavis’ team for this last year, actually, but it turned out our team got disqualified during the prelims or something. I’ll be graduated before the next challenge rolls around.

Personally, I’d be surprised if anything finished the race. There were some pretty big players and some pretty fancy stuff last year, yet nothing performed at 100%. Seeing the videos from last year, it’s obvious it’s not as simple as one would think. (Kudos to the few people last who not only made the attempt, but tried to do it with motorcycles. Now that’s optimism; those things aren’t exactly stable on their own.)

The Blue Team, (Ghost rider) from Berkeley and Texas A&M were the guys with the motorcycle this time, but it seems that they did not qualify for the finals. :frowning:

This time all finalists managed to leave the starting line! Already more than half are finished or damaged. The Stanford team is on the lead.

The Stanford team has completed the race, and it is highly unlikely at this point that any of the other competitors will beat Stanley’s time.

The British government have cottonned onto the act and are starting their own version this year, open to students, with a prize of £10,000. It’s slightly different, though, the vehicles being developed are autonomous submarines, not land vehicles.

Took a while, (one robot was still running until today) but it is finally official:;_ylt=Ag7OC9PNUXitIKWigfn83lms0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3b2NibDltBHNlYwM3MTY-

Looking at the sponsors, I have to say that it is a coup for Volkswagen, Intel and …

… Red Bull gives you wheels! :smack: :stuck_out_tongue:

And the golden broom award to team TerraMax.
At least they finished, unlike most teams.