Rochester microfest?

So … mrAru and myself will be doing the whole diner and a movie thing again with OtakuLoki saturday … not sure what movie, so we are open for suggestions…and dinner before or after?

You mean I have to actually look to see what’s playing? :wink:

Okay, I’ve done a little digging. I’m tempted to suggest a couple at the local cheap theatre: I haven’t seen Kung Fu Panda, nor Get Smart. ETA: I mention the cheap theatre, because it was the cinema across the street from Jay’s Diner.

Here’s what will be playing at the cinema we’d been to the last time we went out. I’m not all that familiar with most of these titles.
More seriously, what time frame would you like to work around? My inclination would be to do dinner first, then the movie, but I’ve no strong feelings one way or the other. And of course, that would have to adjust to the show times for the movie we end up choosing.

Hm, Rob suggests Mummy or Journey to the Center of the Earth, I am thinking Mummy or Panda … but I know I can probably talk him into panda …

I’ll go to any film you two choose. I look forward to hearing from you later this afternoon.

Oh - that Rochester. Carry on…

well, you are welcome to join us but the drive would be hell …=)

well panda is 530, so i would have to be dinner after - we just got here. Had a bit of trouble gettoing out of Connecticut last night and had to drive up this morning at the ass crack of dawn…I hate getting up before 8 on a saturday!

Dayam. Long day.

Dinner afterwards would be fine by me.

OK , cya at the cheap theater at 515 or perhaps a squidge earlier=)

rob is happily shredding bank statements from abouit 1974. Great Ghu my Dad never threw anything away…

Well, you never know when they’ll be necessary.

I’m sure that they’d be great for starting a bonfire or three…

See you both, then!