Rock Star Name = Instruction

In what’s probably the stupidest post I’ve ever made, I have to share a pre-coffee insight I had while getting dressed this morning.

As I was pulling on an article of clothing, it occurred to me that I was executing the instruction of a famous rock musician’s name.

Stacked hints within:

[spoiler]It involved a shirt.

[spoiler]A collarless, long-sleeved shirt.

[spoiler]With a two-button opening.

[spoiler]A henley.

[spoiler]Instruction: “Don henley.”

Okay, that was too stupid to post.


I was going to say Bono because you had a boner.

Not don m’ clean shirt?

There’s a shirt called a henley?

Driving over a speed bump.
Axl Rose.

Yeah, well just last week I tossed some moldy strawberries in the trash.

Yep. Quite a common name for the style.

I’ve never heard it. I don’t dispute that it’s the name for that particular style but I wasn’t familiar.

Back in the days of pay toilets, would a dime be considered Johnny Cash?

I give up…

I was following the instructions on my Chuck Berry record.

Is that Graham Nash I see eating the crackers?

And about that lady on the ground. . . Do you think Don Felder?

I don’t know, but that cute young thing over there praying is giving me a rush.

What I want to know is: Is Tom Petty?

Also: Is Barry White?

No, that refers to the two £1 coins you have to put in the vending machine to buy condoms.

Then of course, still on the same them, there were the designers of this bathroom in Sochi, who were big fans of Lulu

I took property from the living dead by threat of force.

If Northern California and Southern Oregon ever form a new state, they’ll need air transport. But since nobody really lives there, they’ll only need one.

I know Dick Smothers is a comedian/folk artist, but I’ll be god damned if he doesn’t belong in this thread somehow.

I’m tryyying. But it’s impossible.

Overheard at a picnic: Who stole my sandwich? Oh! It was Adam Ant.

Rob Zombie

I gave a black eye to a guy named Richard and his kid.