Rock Stars With The Best Sideburns?

I give you Slade (Noddy Holder) here.

Mungo Jerry (Lead Singer) Here

Alvin StardustHere

I came in to say Mungo Jerry!

What a set of chops.

Sadly, they are gone now.

Perhaps still photos would be preferable, for those who don’t want to have to watch YouTube links. With the help of Google:




And yes, those are all some pretty impressive 'burns.


Sly Stone.

Joe Cocker.

Neil Young.

(OK, not necessarily the “best” sideburns …)

Duane Allman

You can do your own Google Image search.

Mike Nesmith, who may not be strictly rock I suppose, but I’m still going to see him in October!

Good timing, I had just watched the video for In the Summertime last night. And, boy howdy, does Jerry rock the chops or what?

Depends what you mean by “star”, but the first name that came to my mind was Jesse Hector of The Hammersmith Gorillas. Scroll down the page linked above for proof.

I’ll go with the lead singer Marty of the Van Burens.

Can we pleeeeaaase count friendly chops? LEMMY!

Country-fied rock…

Doug Sahm
Roy Head

Trevor Bolder. His were sprayed silver.

Burns are decent, but I REALLY want to punch Alvin Stardust in the face. What a tool.

As any kid growing up in the UK in the 1970s will remember, “You must be out of your tiny minds!”

I was gonna nominate Martin Chambers of the Pretenders, just for the sharpness of those chops, but he can’t compete with these guys.

Alvin was in a public information film (PIF) for the Green Cross Code in which he uttered those immortal lines. With those lovely leather gloves in hand.

I’m gonna go with Noddy Holder, because in addition to the sideburns, he had the hats.

I had SUCH a crush on him (and Dave Hill) when I was a teen.

Lemmy Kilmister.


As Mojo Nixon would say, Elvis is still the King

Derek Smalls also had some great friendly mutton chops.

Indeed. Hard to define exactly where the 'burns end and the mustache begins.