Rocky Horror Picture Show and Shock Treatment on DVD

So, I just found out that the sequel to Rocky Horror Picture Show, Shock Treatment, is on DVD now at They have it both by itself and included in a 3-disc set with the 25th anniversary RHPS DVDs.

So, anyone bought this yet? Anyone planning to? Anyone just want to talk about Shock Treatment? :smiley:

Only that I never even KNEW there was a sequel to RHPS! I thought the original did so badly in original sales, I can’t imagine that a studio would have run out and made a sequel?

I loved RHPS but never watched ST - the previews I saw didn’t interest me at all. I’d love to hear from some Dopers who have seen it.

I watched Shock Treatment years ago. It’s not a direct sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show; more like the two movies are set in the same background (although Shock Treatment does have Brad and Janet, albeit played by different actors). It’s a weaker picture than the original.

I saw it years ago too. From what I remember the picture was weaker, though the songs overall were better. No stand out ones like “Time Warp” though, I just came away with the impression that the songs were stronger.

I like the movie a lot, and I thought the plot internally made more sense (I STILL haven’t quite figured out what the hell was going on in RHPS, and I’ve seen it many times over the last 3-4 years). Also, Jessica Harper is so much hotter than Susan Sarandon.

As far as the songs go, I have been known to randomly start singing “Little Black Dress” and “Farley’s Song” when I’m bored, though I only really break loose into the songs when I’m driving.

RHPS was made for around a million dollars and by the time ST was made RHPS had grossed something like $8 million and was a cult phenomenon showing no signs of weakening. An 8:1 return on investment is certainly enough to greenlight a sequel, especially one that the studio figures has a built in fanatic-base.

I heard the ST soundtrack years before I saw the picture and the story I constructed around the songs was IMHO way better than the actual film.

As I’ve watched ST a few times over the years I’ve gotten a better appreciation for it. I still don’t like it as well as RHPS and wouldn’t dress up and yell stuff at ST but I do think it’s a decent film. It anticipates the rise of reality television nicely, almost a pre-parody of the genre.

Now, if only some studio would greenlight one of the other two sequels that Richard O’Brien has penned!

I’m planning to get the Shock Treatment DVD at some point. I have it on VHS, but this one has letterboxing and extra features. The movie’s not very good, but it does have its own quirky way and the soundtrack is a lot of fun. I think I like “Bitchin’ in the Kitchen” best.

Jessica Harper? The same Jessica Harper who was in Phantom of the Paradise? I’ve got to watch ST - I love her voice.

Does the ST DVD have any commentaries or special features? If so I might just get it from Netflix I’ve seen it on Fox Movies.

I mentioned this movie in another recent thread. I really have a nostalgic softspot for the music. I was a RHPS fanatic in full swing when this came out; saw it every day in the theater opening week. Bought the soundtrack. Talked a friend of mine, Chicago’s Alexandra Billings (then known simply as Chanté; now tragically no longer with us), into performing “Looking for Trade” at Club La Cage.

I too am a big Jessica Harper fan. Any other JH fans should be sure to watch the Italian horror classic *Suspiria*over and over and over again. Plus of course you should get all her children’s CDs.

And of course keep your eyes open; it was a pleasant surprise (one of the only ones provided by the movie) to see her in Spielberg’s Minority Report.

Well THAT was a weird clipboard fluke; that C/P ghost is from at least two days ago.

Here’s the correct link.

Little Black Dress sticks in my mind as well.

Does the Special Features have that VH1 special featuring celebrities covering RHPS songs? I remember Jesse L Martin was one of them.

I really like Shock Treatment. I know it’s not good but it is really bizarre and interesting.
Lullaby is in just about all of my mellow WMP playlists and Little Black Dress is just an awesome song. I actually prefer O’Brien as Dr. McKinley over Riff-Raff.