Rogue Brewery

Do they make brews that aren’t hopped to hell and back? I’ve yet to find one that isn’t.

Oh yeah. I don’t like hops much myself – can’t stand IPAs (tip: never say that out loud while touring a microbrewery). But I have a few Rogue favorites – particularly their Dead Guy Ale, and their Chocolate Stout. Both are fairly mildly hopped.

Those are the two I’ve mostly recently tried and what prompted the thread.

Why in the world would they bother? They sell every pint they make now, properly hopped.

Dead Guy Ale? Mocha Porter? Chocolate Stout? Hazelnut Brown?

Whatever, doesn’t matter to me. I’m not buying Rogue beers because they’re ridiculously expensive for the quality.

They have plenty. If you have access to one of their pubs (like I do) you can get all KINDS of beers there!

I generally like well hopped beers and most of the Rogue line but we recently began stocking Santa’s Private Reserve for the season. My thought upon tasting it is that it is simply a vile concoction. It is so strongly and oddly hopped that it tastes to me like rancid cough medicine.

Others whose opinions I value have tried it and liked it though, so it might just be me.

The Hazlenut Brown is tasty and not hoppy at all.

Dead Guy has a kick to it, as does their American Amber. If you’re looking for something lower on the Hops, I’d would aim for their Porters, Stouts and Browns. I haven’t tried them, but it’s typically safe advice.

Err, Dead Guy ale is a bit hoppy, but not that much. (Though I frequently drink IPAs.)

Did I say they should? I only asked if they did. Please don’t project your own preconceptions on my posts.

Thanks, everyone else, for your input.