Rogue Legacy- anyone else playing?

This game just came out on Steam- it’s a fun little dungeon-crawl type. I die a lot. The neat part is that every time you die one of your offspring takes over- so you end up with this long lineage of characters with styles like “the Gallant” or “the Feeble” depending on how many enemies they killed.

Pretty fun.

I keep dying in the first three or four rooms. It’s fun, but I really haven’t learned how to handle things yet. Sometimes I get rooms that are just like “… whelp”. Where there’s a giant skeleton, spike traps, and fireballs. Where with my low health and damage there’s just no way through.

It seems like the key is to get enough gold each time (or most of the time) to buy an upgrade after you die. And finding new runes/equipment doesn’t hurt.

Yeah, eventually I got far enough to get some gold and it got better. So far I find Barbarian, Paladin (can’t remember what its base form is called), and Lich work the best for me. Assassin/Knave, Archmage, and Miner mostly just get me killed.

Also, some of the traits are worse than you’d think. Somehow color blindness just completely ruins me.

I beat the first boss and I’m working on the forest now. Aside from completely doomed runs, I usually make over 1k, with a good run pulling in 3-4k, so that’s nice.

ETA: I’ve found magic pretty useless, though. Not entirely useless, but the cases in which using it actually helps is rare, except maybe for fire shield.

I beat the second boss. I’m enjoying the game, but I’ve hit a wall with the third area, this game quickly seems to be going the route of a bullet hell shooter.

Barbarian is starting to lose its luster, higher damage characters seem to be more my style now. Right now my favorite class is Spellsword, they make me take back everything I said about spells being useless, with the Spellsword’s ability I can just wreck most rooms without trying.

As the game goes on, I’m finding my trait choices changing. I used to hate Gigantism, but lately I’ve found it useful, especially when combined with a class like Paladin. Likewise, I’ve found Dwarfism more and more useless. Sure, the shortcuts are nice, but the range nerf makes it hard to work with. Unless you’re the (last unlockable class spoiler);

Dragon, which benefits somewhat from being tiny, having unlimited flight, and a ranged attack.

What shrine items have you gotten? They fill the slot next to your spell. So far I’ve only gotten three blessings. Hedgehog’s Curse which makes you drop coins when you get hit. I think it may also increase the number of coins dropped by enemies, but I can’t prove it. I also got Hermes’ Boots, which seems to negate spike damage, and a Ring of some sort – though I never figured out its effects.