"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" trailer

That looks fucking amazing. I think I might be more stoked by that trailer than by any of the ones for TFA. Even that annoying whoo-whoo siren/Wookie with his dick stuck in the hangar door noise didn’t turn me off :slight_smile:

Things I especially liked:
not a single lightsaber in evidence
the scene of the superlaser dish being moved into place, with the shadow on the Death Star behind the Star Destroyer
AT-ATs on the beach!
The piano version of the theme at the beginning

FTR, IMDB does not list Mon Mothma / Genevieve O’Reilly in the credits.

It does now - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) - IMDb. I wonder if it got updated because of the trailer?

There was only one–Manny Bothans. He was a good man. The Rebellion took care of his family after the fall of the Empire.

Oh, the trailer looks good.

Yep – count me in for a smaller heist film set in the Star Wars universe.

I mean, a smaller heist film that includes a moon-sized weapon and gigantic AT-ATs on the beach using the resources available only to a behemoth like Disney, but still … I think there a lot of good stories to come out of skilled storytellers using characters and situations with which we are familiar while introducing new characters and situations.

It’s much like Ant-Man from Marvel (downstream from Disney, too) – no, the entire planet wasn’t in peril in that movie, but the smaller stakes didn’t make it any less fun.

Really fun – looking forward to finding out who Forrest Whitaker and the sword-guy are.

Manny Bothans is the second cousin of Ser Twenty Goodmen, the brave knight who helped Ramsay Bolton defeat Stannis Baratheon in Game of Thrones.

I will never hear that line any other way from now on.

Well, just start killing Bothans, then.

After watching the video I watched the “Force for Change” 2016 launch video



I wasn’t a fan of the most recent movie, but this one looks to have more promise (in my minority opinion) because it doesn’t seem to rely on dredging up characters from the original movies. I would have much preferred something that occurred within that universe, but was more insulated in terms of characters etc.

Yeah, I could buy into this type of franchise in a way I haven’t been able to do with Marvel. Star Wars was just too big of a deal to me growing up and having kids than comics ever were.

This also looks as those it could appeal to me as a “pretty interested, but not obsessive” fan. I’ve seen all the movies - enjoyed some of them greatly, but have not read any books or delved into history and lineages. Hope they make movies that appeal to both my type of fan and the wankers.

And his Latino cousin, Manny Peeples…

Exactly. It’s one of the worst trends in (especially fantasy/sci-fi/action) movies to believe that in order to create tension, each new threat has to eclipse the one before—which, especially in the case of some series, our heroes already barely overcame against impossible odds to save the planet, yadda yadda. But small (well, small-ish in this case) stakes can be dramatic, too—sometimes more so, since they are more relatable; few of us have experienced the whole galaxy in peril, after all. Thus, rather than throwing the whole universe into the balance, just make us care about what’s at stake; and if this movie achieves this, then I’m hopeful.

In fact, one of my gripes with The Force Awakens (which I liked, on the whole) was that

the starkiller base destroying the—what? Eight or so?—New Republic planets carried precisely zero emotional impact because they were essentially completely anonymous and not relevant to the plot at all.

“What are you rebelling against?”
“Whadda you got?”

Totally looking forward to this. I wonder if this spin off line will continue with events that took place away from the main events happening in episodes 4-6?

I was happy to see some AT-AT walkers again!

Looks like the main character/hero is female? Good on Disney for having the guts to not only have a female main hero in their first new Star Wars film, but to have one in their first TWO Star Wars films.

When they teased a bit about the movie at last year’s SW convention, the Lucasfilm folks noted that this would be the first SW production (counting both the movies, and the TV cartoons) which would not feature the Jedi at all.

I loved the trainer, and how much was done to make it look and feel like it’s contemporary with the original movie. Trying to keep from getting too excited. :slight_smile:

But BAD BAD BAD because you still can’t find an action figure (other than the really tiny ones) of ANY of their female characters.

Perhaps no Jedi in this film, but I would love to catch a glimpse of Vader and a bit of dialog when the Rebels are on the Death Star.

Looks better than I thought it might. I think I got a tingle, even.