Roll call

It’s now about 30 minutes since the last post on the SDMB, and I also believe (from external as well as internal evidence) that many are unable to log in to the SDMB. So perhaps it’s time for a roll call: if you are currently logged in, please post here.

And another 30 minutes have passed with no more posts. Am I the only one here? Has everyone else started up a new message board without telling me?

I just now managed to log in (and I’ve tried unsuccessfully many times yesterday and today). Either everything is fixed, or I just got lucky.

I was just able to log in, for the first time since around noon yesterday. I tried several times since then, and they were unsuccessful.


Same as above.



Over here!


ETA: great minds. Above ground and below.



FYI: IvoryTowerDenizen seems to be the only mod active right this minute. (going by the* Forum Leaders* list)

TreacherousCretin, western Idaho, present and accounted for. Does this mean I’m now a charter member?

Reporting for duty.

Cambot! (Pan left!) Gypsy! (Hi, girl!) Tom Servo! (What a cool guy!) Croooow! (He’s a wisecracker.)

… Oops wrong roll call… :wink:

Now we are free to play the forbidden music.

During the downtime, the only things left to do were productive activities. It was that horrible!

Or reproductive activities. Let’s wait and see if there’s a spike in childbirths nine months from today.