[Roll-eye of the week] Sarah Palin: Obama Inexperienced


I don’t think this was posted yet, but Sarah Palin has reported that President Obama is “inexperienced in private sector and government matters”.

Yes, she said it on Fox News. No, it’s barely newsworthy.

However, does someone need to remind the harpy of her head-scratching performance in the Katie Couric interview a few years back?

Sarah who?


Sarah Palin isn’t being hypocritical here. In 2009 she realized that she was also too inexperienced in government matters to maintain her position. If anything, she speaks from knowledge!

Ooo, she even managed to get the word “terrifying” in there when discussing Hussein Obama. Extra points for that!

Twit needs to shut her pie hole.

Actually, I take that back. Keep yapping, Sarah. The more your mouth moves the more people realize how bloody stupid you are. :cool:

Show a little sympathy for Palin. Up until Mike Huckabee started ranting about Mau Mau schools and pregnant Oscar winners, she thought she had the right-wing whacko vote sewed up. Now she’s got to work for it.

Unfortunately for the sane minority, “stupid” sells.
Ms. Palin (or her handlers) know this and will continue this path until something derails her ambitions.

It is still quite a long interval between now and Nov 2012.

Maybe sanity will win out in the end.

I’d like to see Sarah and Charlie Sheen do a show together. They could call it One and a Half Brains. No wait, that’s too many.

lol :slight_smile:

Maybe Charlie and Sarah… (I give up let the reality show producers work it out)

You guys really, really need to stop making me laugh today. I saw the title of this thread and I literally LOLed for a good 10-15 seconds.

“Hello kettle, my name is pot.”

You know, it would make it so much easier to dismiss your whole OP as invalid without equivalent nonpartisan idiocies, if the Liberal Media would just do their due diligence and give John Edwards and Joe Lieberman TV shows where they can just spout unchallenged inanities all day long. I think Edwards maybe up to it.

Well, Obama was inexperienced when he was elected.

It’s an utterly irrelevant point now, of course!
(I’m sure if Palin was just plain ugly, she wouldn’t get a fraction of the media attention she seems to get over there.)