Rolls-Royce turbofan -- made of Lego

RR Lego jet

No word on how many blocks per litre it gets.

Very cool! I’d be interested to know how much, if any, non Lego structural parts there are.

Bah! It’s only half size.

I can just imagine some 9-year old building this–scratching through his massive bin of legos compiled from hundreds of Star Wars kits and filler sets looking for that one piece…and then the whole thing disintegrates under his hands for no good reason and he has to start all over again.

They’re going to have a bit of a problem with heat dissipation, methinks.

I freaking love Farnborough. It’s like airplane porn. So much over the top marketing and displays to show off the shiniest and fanciest aircraft while billions of dollars are spent and promised. I so want to go in person one day.

I want that lego engine so bad. I want to work on a project like that at work one day!

It’s only a model!

It is actually airplane porn, in all its glory. I went to Farnborough a couple of years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. We got to see a lot of planes I’d never otherwise have seen, and a friend of mine and I geeked out extensively. It was great!

Also, I never really realised just how loud a fighter jet’s engines can be. We had some acrobatics from a USAF F-16, and when he turned away from us on full afterburner, I swear my body was actually vibrating from the noise. It was ludicrously loud, painfully loud.

I once attended an airshow where a fighter pilot flew along the runway on the afterburner with the nose pointed upwards and ended by shooting off straight up into the air. The business jet that followed seemed completely silent by comparison.

Some years ago I was at an air show where at one point I was less than 50 meters away from a hovering Harrier jet.

They tell me my ear drums should stop bleeding any day now.

But then they do that silent pass along the runway (Well the CF-18s I’ve seen at a couple of shows) and it’s pretty freakin cool. And freaky.

Definitely a very cool model. I was amazed when the video showed the compressor blades turning. There must be some non-Lego parts in there that allow that. Or else Legos have changed a lot since my son left them strewn around on the living room floor!

I was at Oshkosh a few years ago. There’s another great place for drool-worthy aircraft. Farnborough would be on my bucket list, if there wasn’t that pesky 3000 miles of ocean and continent between here and there.

What I love about Farnborough (and Paris, to be fair) is the focus on commercial and business jet aviation, which is where I actually geek out the most. I’m much more interested in the development and sales of the CSeries and A320Neo and 737Max and the Global 8/7000 than I am in fighter jets and acrobatic stuff. I know, I’m weird :slight_smile:

I see Rolls has announced their new Lego-based maintenance program for the US military. I had heard budgets were getting tight…

They can now contract out component construction to 9 year olds.