Roman Polanski and the Oscars...

It’s the epitome of irony. He can go to the Oscars, but in doing so, must risk arrest and incarceration. Incidentally, I haven’t even seen “The Pianist” so I can’t tell you if it’s a film whose award is worth fifty years in jail.

So, do you think he should come back? Would you, if you were him? Does “The Pianist” have a viable chance at winning? Thoughts on the matter?

Another question- why is it that he was never arrested in France and extradited back to the US?

Here’s the scenario:

Ron Howard gives the award for Best Director

RH - and the Academy Award goes to . . . . Roman Pulaski, for some reason, he couldn’t be here tonight to accept the award, so we’ll make sure he recieves his Oscar.

Hey if they do give it to him, and he probably want show up (because of not wanting to go to jail) at the awards, we won’t have to deal with a long, trite speech.

But, the oscar will probably go to Martin Scorcse(sp), because he hasn’t gotten one yet. So, we’ll have a long speech.

Polanski’s main chance, in my mind, is not to win an Oscar, but rather to deny Scorsese his Oscar, by splitting the “veteran” vote. Problem with that is, of the other three candidates, one is a foreign film director (which tend not to do well at award shows), and the others are fairly new.