Romance & Cigarettes

Romance & Cigarettes

I searched and found no threads on this movie. Has anyone seen it? Written and directed by John Turturro, and produced by the Coens. It stars James Gandolfini, Susan Sarandon, Kate Winslet, and Steve Buscemi. It also has Christopher Walken, Eddie Izzard, and Amy Sedaris.


Oh, and it is a musical.

hehe. After trying to watch Sweeney Todd several times (no success there), I was reluctant to watch another musical, but I loved this movie.

Anyone else?

Oh, by the way, I also loved Coffee and Cigarettes. Maybe I need to concentrate on cigarette movies. :wink:

Unwatchably bad.

No, no, no!!! Say it aint so!!!

Isn’t it cool that John Turturro directs his wife and son (in bit parts)? Along with his cousin Aida Turturro, who played Janice on The Sopranos. And that James Gandolfini isn’t a half bad singer? Or that the score is great?

Now, I’d agree that Sweeney Todd was unwatchable, but come on.

I missed it when it was playing in the theater because a) it was playing at one of my two most hated movie theaters, but b) I didn’t have the money at the time anyway. I was sure I would love it, and I’m still sure. Lissener’s opinion makes me even more sure. I have to buy the DVD.

I encourage the purchase. After watching it last night, I bought it on Amazon

Did I mention that Steve Buscemi has a part? Oh, I did. :smiley:

Hey, thanks for the link. I just bought a copy.

Two clarifications:

One reason why I was pretty sure I’d love it is because I’m a total sucker for odd musicals, like Moulin Rouge!, Idlewild and Marie Antoinette (not a musical as such, but I think it fits well with the others). Plus it’s got Kate Winslet as a slutty-looking waitress with flaming red hair! Right up my alley.

I have absolute trust in lissener’s taste when he likes something, but near zero when he doesn’t, which is just like the “trust relationship” I have with Roger Ebert. I’ll watch just about anything that Ebert (and lissener) recommends, because they have good taste and are knowledgeable about film, but will judge for myself if they “have problems” with something. Unless it’s something I have no interest in seeing anyway, then it doesn’t matter one way or the other.

I’ll be interested in your reaction, Eq. In my opinion it’s excruciatingly emabarrassing, every single moment of it; I wanted to crawl under the couch. Frankly, I’m surprised the entire cast didn’t commit suicide the night of the premiere. But I felt the same way about Across the Universe, which you loved.

(I loved Moulin Rouge and Marie Antoinette, but *Idlewild *was named my biggest disappointment of 2007.)

I’ll be interested in your reaction as well. It is different, to be sure, in a campy way. I have not seen Idlewild (and had not planned on it), but now I will have to give it a go. :wink:

I’ll let you guys know what I think, but it might be a couple of weeks.

:smack: :smack: :smack: How could I have forgotten to mention Across The Universe with those others?! Yes, you’re right, I did love it. Adored it. So yeah, if you had the same feeling about it that you did R&C, I’m looking VERY forward to R&C.

Here’s the trailer and if you’re like me and squeeeeeel with joy and delight watching it (I gasped and bounced with glee in my theater seat the first time I saw the preview at the movies), then definitely check out the whole movie. If it makes you scratch your head and go “what the fuuuck?” then, well, maybe not.

If you like it, also watch the more sedate, but brilliant, Cotton Club.

hehe. Thanks. It is on the way to my office now! :smiley:

I saw Romance and Cigarettes recently and quite enjoyed it. If you are a Netflix subscriber it is on the instant watch section.


FWIW, I squealed at delight when I saw the trailer; the movie was still a disappointing mess.