Romney's Coming . . . .

Yep, battleground Ohio is open for business. Romney’s coming to my town on Sunday. This is not a big city. The population is probably around 25,000. But it’s heavily Republican and it’s in Boehner’s district. The county Democrats are being asked to come to the local Obama campaign office, about one block away from Romney’s destination, to let it be seen that there actually are a few of us here. Should be interesting.

Shit, I was expecting a porn clip of a Mormon clusterfuck. Damn.

Eh, they’re pretty boring anyway; it takes forever to get the magic underwear off.

I thought this thread was a reference to Omar from The Wire. When he would come into a neighborhood there would be a chorus of, “Omar’s comin’!”

“Romney’s comin’! Hide the mailman and firefighters, he’ll cut them. He’ll slash them to pieces!”

I try to avoid “LOL” responses, but this one was just too good. Thanks for cracking me up!:smiley:

If things go badly for Obama in November, you’ll see one starting in January.

Hell, just watch the Romney campaign for a while. You’ll see one sooner than later.

I have kin up near Oxford, Ohio, and I’m a bit surprised that Boehner got re-elected on a “no single-payer” plank after that college girl died of meningitis. But I guess one sees one’s neighbors as other people, and figures it won’t happen to their daughter.

A “college girl” probably isn’t a neighbor, though-- She’s probably from somewhere across the state, or even a different state. She might be a “neighbor” to other folks on campus, but that’s almost certainly not a majority of the district.

I really think that is just a matter for him and Mrs Romney to discuss.