Roseanne Part Two? No Thank You

I know I do a lot of whining about how television was better back in the old days, but Jesus Christ, they didn’t have to go and do this!

I never cared for the original “Roseanne”. It portrayed family money struggles okay, I guess. But I could never stand the mouthy brats on that show. Critics called it realistic, but I don’t know any kids who were allowed to treat their parents like those girls did. I hate shows where I want to punch most of the characters in the face.

I don’t need shock jock Queen of the Harpies Trump supporter Roseanne Barr back on my radar either. I think she just says shit to be a pain in the ass. I have no idea why she stayed out of the public eye for so long, but I know I enjoyed her absence, and I wish for more of it in the future.

I’m hoping for a “Life with Lucy” fiasco.

Roseanne Barr is a truly awful, narssicistic excuse for a human being. I had thought she disappeared from entertainment other than the occasional guest role that essentially satirized her public white trash persona and some voice acting, but apparently someone wants to see her on screen for reasons I cannot fathom.

John Goodman, on the other hand, is well accounted as a very professional actor who hits his marks and treats crew and fellow actors with respect and dignity. I’m glad he’s getting regular work besides doing his now retired Rex Tillerson impression on SNL, although I wish it were in Coen Brothers films rather than indiffierent-to-shitty sitcoms.


I am curious how they handle Sarah Chalke (Becky #2). IMDB has her playing “Andrea”


I’m on board. I liked the original version because it made me laugh a lot. That is what it was supposed to do.

And I couldn’t care less who Roseanne - or any other public person - politically supports.

shes supposed to be a chick that becky considers for surrogate motherhood and becomes friends with

and according to parents of teens today the kids on Roseanne are "quaint relics " of their childhood as kids today are waay worse

Then those parents are doing it wrong.

So all that shit in the finale about dan being dead, darlene and becky being with the opposite brothers, jackie being gay instead of bev, etc is all non-canon now? Good. Terrible finale that hurt a lot more of the show than just the last awful season like some wrongly seem to think.

Like others, I’m a big fan of John Goodman. Laurie Metcalf has always been a great actress, too. I worked a couple days on a film she had a small part in about 20 years ago. I don’t care about Roseanne’s bizarre politics, and the kids and their issues were not out of the norm for me. “Leave it to Beaver” was not the reality for a lot of families in the '50s and '60s and certainly not the '80s/90s. So there was a lot of realism and a lot of families had it much worse.

It does make sense that the Connors, or at least some of them would’ve voted for Trump. Darlene certainly wouldn’t it should be fun watching her spar with her mother. I can see Dan reluctantly realizing he fell for a con artist, but Roseanne would just double down out of sheer stubbornness.

Yep, although it would be even more confusing if they went with the “real” backstory for the revival. I’m just now realizing that Becky, Darlene, & DJ are all older than their parents were when the show started. :smack:

Where does this notion that Roseanne the character and Dan would be pro-Trump?

According to the review I read it pops up in the first episode. I don’t recall about Dan, but it specifically mentions Roseanne( the character obviously, though R. Barr famously is a supporter as well )defending her vote for Trump and mentioning Jackie by contrast voted for Clinton.

From what I understand the election is only brought up once and it’s more of a set up for the conflict between the sisters than an argument either way. The issues brought up in the show are cultural rather than political. Whitney Cummings is the show runner and she’s hardly right wing.

I hear that Rose Anne was only pretending that Dan was dead but he really had run off to teach air conditioning repair at a community college.

I agree! Actors are only supposed to entertain me, that’s their job. I don’t care about their politics.

And then he becomes Vice Dean and eventually dies from inhaling Freon. So we’re back to where we started.

True generally. I draw the line at Trump supporters. Guess I love my country too much to smile and look the other way.

They should have had Sarah Chalke playing a character named Beth, who escaped through a time portal to escape her bizarre father and family on Earth C-137. She spent a few years going through different dimensions and finally settled in Illinois.

Burn me for this if you will… but I read Darlene’s son on show is not a gay kid but likes to wear girls clothes… really he looks about 10 … does this really need to be a thing?

Why shouldn’t it be a thing?

I enjoyed the original (up until the infamous lottery shark-jump) and I’ll check out the revival. But if it turns out to be politically oriented, I’ll be out quickly.

I’ve seen no indication that it will be, though. And I can’t imagine the whole cast would have agreed to return for a pro-Trump propaganda vehicle.