Roseanne's Weak Apology on Hannity

Did anyone else watch the show / interview? Flipping through channels last night I came across Roseane’s interview about 10 minutes in. She was on Hannity, who devoted the full hour to her.

I watched for about 20 minutes before flipping away in disgust. Her attempts to ‘apologize’ were weak and pathetic. And Hannity gave her several opportunities to do so. He served up softballs, really, that she should have easily hit out of the park, but she could not offer any direct and sincere apology. She lamented more about it being a mistake that led her to ‘losing everything’. Her body language was telling — frequently looking down and away, and rapid eye blinking during times when a truly contrite person would have been direct, sincere, and humbled.

CNN is more gracious about it, so maybe it got better after I left about halfway through the hour long interview:

Did anyone else see the show? If so what did you think?

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I’m baffled by her assertion that her tweet calling Valerie Jarrett the offspring of the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes wasn’t racist, because she claims that she didn’t know Jarrett was African American - “I thought she was Middle Eastern”.

Which begs the question of what in hell the PotA comment was supposed to mean.

I swear to God, I know a guy who is convinced that it was a deep philosophical statement about dystopian cultures and how Jarrett wanted a class-based America where the liberal elites ruled over the good common folk and Roseanne was using it as a statement because she knew True Conservatives would understand it even if the terrible blind leftists jumped to assuming it was racist. If I hadn’t known him for twenty years, I’d swear it was a Poe’s Law scenario but he is convinced this is the case.

Which made it pretty funny later when Barr said she only tweeted it because she was fucked up on Ambien.

A more sane attempt to defend Barr would be to simply say “It was a shitty remark comparing her looks to an ape, but Barr didn’t realize it would carry the racist baggage because she was unaware that Jarrett is black”.

I figure, meh, she’s a comedian who uses insults all the time, and this was just more of the same.

Funny, I figure she’s a racist pig, and this was just more of the same.
ETA: I hereby apologize to any real pigs I insulted with that comparison. You are all invited over to my place for a BBQ.

Where has she done this before?

I kept waiting for the Seppuku, but it never happened.

When this happened I heard about it from someone in my office. I had no idea who
Valerie Jarrett is and the :confused: must have registered on my face because they then told me “she’s black”. Upon looking at her picture, my first guess about her ethnicity would not be black. I thought “what a dumb, bitchy thing for a grown woman to do; stoop to the level of insulting another woman’s looks”. So, while I think Roseanne is utterly lacking in class, may have some mental issues and should probably lay low for a good long while, I can believe that the ugly place she was coming from is not a reference to black people.

Oddly, she admits she thought the woman is middle eastern, as if that makes it much better :smack:

She’s in the mold of her president, who has set the low bar for people like her to hurdle.


I’d like to believe that I’m plugged into the news, but I haven’t a clue who Valerie Jarrett is, what she does or where she does it.

I did read what Rosanne wrote and presuming that Valerie is a woman of color, it’s indefensible.

I’m just struck what strange bedfellows politics makes. Hannity wouldn’t normally give Roseanne the time of day, and most on the left wouldn’t give Stormy 30 seconds either. Strange bedfellows indeed.

I have not heard any racist humor from her (not saying she never did, just never heard it). But I have heard a long rant she did in front of an audience about how Arsenio Hall was doing fat jokes about her, and she then recited a long list of her personal hardships she had experienced and overcome, and finished with, “So FUCK WITH ME Arsenio!” as if making a dare. But she didn’t attack him on a personal level, just made him sound like a petty idiot who takes cheap shots, and certainly didn’t mention his race.

Well, let’s see. She dressed up like Hitler and pulled Jewish gingerbread men out of an oven (yes, I know she’s Jewish, but she did do it).
Not to mention all of the Pizzagate, “The Storm” human trafficking conspiracies, etc., etc.

I’m still, after all these years, disgusted by her so-called singing of the National Anthem. My father, who was quite the conservative and not a bit of an activist, told me it would have been worth getting arrested to have run out onto the ball field and grabbed the mike away from her, hoping he’d have time to tell the crown “Now, let’s do it right!” He figured he wouldn’t make it, because of security. But as his liberal daughter, whose politics were exactly the oppostie, I told him I would have run interference for him, blocking the aisle or something.

Well, after all, Valerie Jarrett is such an Arab sounding name…

Is Roseanne was so ignorant about politics to not have known who she is, Roseanne should have just shut her piehole.
Not that the comment would be any better if Jarrett was Arab.

Hey Valerie Jarrett WAS born in Tehran (her father ran a hospital), so of course, she’s a Moozlim.

Assuming you haven’t looked it up since posting (and that you care):

Jarrett served as Obama’s senior advisor throughout both of his terms as president. Prior to that, she worked in various capacities in the Chicago area, serving on the staffs of both Mayor Washington and Mayor Daley, then worked in private business until joining the Obama administration.

Also, for the record, she was in fact, born in the Middle East (specifically, Iran), though to American parents (her father was a physician, and was working there).

Not hurdle, limbo.

Jarrett has an odd haircut and odd looking skin presumably from plastic surgery. It seems obvious that she was saying she looks like her face is a mask. She was being mean and catty. She needs to be getting treatment for her mental health issues instead of doing interviews and melting down further.