Round 3: Ladies, how about rating these guys?

I finally got the third batch of photos together. Ladies, what do you think of these studly gents here? What do you like or dislike about them? How would you rank them?

Photos found here
Also mirrored here.

Hi JThunder! ::waves:: I’ve decided not to do the personality analyisis this round, and just give you gut reactions to appearances. Here goes…

Guy #9- Very cute. I love dark hair and blue eyes. He’s a chunky guy (which I like), and I’d like to snuggle up on the couch with him. If I worked with him, I’d probably flirt with him. I’d like to see a pic of him smiling.

Guy #10- Cute in that geeky way. I could go out for coffee & conversation with him, but not formal dating. He’s cute, but I’d just want to be friends.

Guy #11- Average guy, looks pleasant. Not very stylish, and kinda plain. Looks like he could be one of the dads on a Boy Scout camping trip. He’s not regisitering on my Attract-0-Meter.

Guy #12- I’m all for smiling for the camera, but his is too big. Looks like you’ve caught him just after a good joke. He does look like he smiles a lot, which is a good thing. I hate the shirt and hat, though. He’s not tripping my Attract-O-Meter, either.

Interesting responses, Seeker74. I’m a little surprised, but heck, that’s the whole purpose of this poll, right? To gain insight into such matters.

Oh, and I neglected to post links to Round 1 and Round 2, just for completeness. I hope nobody will object if some newcomers decide to contribute to these (slightly) older threads as well.

Guy#9 Nice eyes. don’t like the slicked back hair. Chubby, but not a turn off

Guy#10 Nice smile. looks like a nice guy

Guy#11 Not unattractive, but could improve looks by shaving off facial hair, getting rid of glasses and getting a better haircut. also looks like a nice guy.

Guy#12 not particularly attractive. I really don’t like the little tufts of hair sticking out of his hat over his ears.

I don’t need to change the order to give you my ranking, though 10 and 11 are pretty close to tied.

  1. Cute and cuddly, but would be better looking when he smiles - he looks like one of those guys who appears sort of intimidating, but is actually a teddy bear

  2. He reminds me of a young college professor - could be the glasses, but the background looks school-ish as well. He doesn’t have much money, but he’s a gentleman and would know how to plan a good, if innexpensive, date, like a picnic or something romantic like that.

  3. Looks sort of fatherly to me. To me he seems like the guy that everyone likes - he’s amicable and friendly, and completely non-offensive. The kind of guy you get a beer with after work.

  4. He looks like the one I would NOT want to hang out with. He looks like the guy who’d try to be a little too touchy-feely with any young women who happened to be around - not necessarily a criminal, just a little on the skeevy side. It looks like he’s smiling too wide, and it looks more like he’s leering rather than having a good time.

#9 - Good looking, needs to smile a little more, may be a little shy at first when meeting new people but is probably the life of the party. He reminds me a little of John Belushi! Needs to quit slicking back his hair.

#10 - Good looking kid. Needs to get some glasses with some frames to enhance his eyes. Looks like a science teacher or something.

#11 - Looks like a good guy… nice smile. I’m thinking maybe a family man either married with a couple of kids or divorced with a couple of kids. Not sure which.

#12 - Looks like the soundman for a rock band! Laughs a lot, doesn’t take life too seriously, likes to have fun. Someone I’d talk to at the bar and have a few laughs with but that’s about it.

I didn’t answer round two because I couldn’t muster an opinion about any of them. For round 3 I only like #12 because his smile is manipulating my emotions, and I don’t have any reaction to the others except that they probably have minivans and may or may not only have the minivans because they own large dogs.

With the usual caveat that this is based solely on appearances, and in real life I’d actually talk with them before “evaluating”…

#9 – Maybe the problem is the poor quality of the photo, but he looks kind of thuggish to me, and definitely too overweight for my tastes.

#10 – Potential for intelligence – I’m not into spiky hair, but could live with it.

#11 – This guy looks the most easy to talk with, most “normal”, least intimidating. But I hope he doesn’t drive an SUV.

#12 – If it weren’t for his clothes (USA cap and weird shirt), I’d say he looks friendly and fun to hang out with (yes, he has a goofy smile, but that’s OK with me). But I stay away from guys who wear baseball caps, especially USA caps, which typically designate right-wingness to me. So that’s a serious problem.

So if you want us to rank them again… #10 and #11 are tied at top, and #9 and #12 are tied for last. I’m not madly in love with any of them.

As usual, I’ll refrain from saying too much. However, I did want to say that some of you have had some surprisingly accurate insights. Not all, of course, but I was shocked at how very much on target some were.

Now I’m curious JThunder… were any of mine accurate??? If so, which ones?? Please e-mail me and let me know!

I will. I will. :slight_smile: Maybe tonight, and certainly soon.

#9 - John Belushi. That’s the first thing I thought of. I suppose he’d be nice looking if he smiled.

#10 - Is he wearing glasses or not?? Not a flattering picture. Looks like a college kid.

#11 - Most appealing of the batch.

#12 - Looks like he’s had one beer too many. But he’s a friendly drunk, I guess.

In order: 11, 10, tie between 9 & 12.

Guess I missed round 2…

It’s not too late. :slight_smile:

#9–looks too much like my first college boyfriend. Probably way into football, possible former fraternity guy. I wouldn’t be rude to him, but definitely wouldn’t date him.

#10–looks like a nice guy with an oddball sense of humor. A similar type to a lot of my buddies in college (I was an engineering student). I probably wouldn’t date him. He should do some weight-lifting to bulk up a bit.

#11–most like my type, but could use some improvement: smaller glasses (maybe rectangular frames) and a better haircut. Looks like he’s equally comfortable mucking around with some electronics or going camping. I don’t hate the goatee, but it would be interesting to see what he would look like without it.

#12–he just creeps me out. The smile is too big. He seems like the kind of guy who leers at nubile young women a lot and can’t read body language when he’s creeping a woman out.

I’d rate the 11, 9 &10 (pretty much tied) and 12 far, far behind them.

BTW, is anyone inclined to create a female version of this poll? People are a-wanting it. :slight_smile:

In order of attractiveness:

#10 - I don’t normally like pale-skinned guys (I have to balance out my total lack of pigimentation), but he looks interesting and intelligent.

I don’t really find any of the other guys attractive at all. #11 looks like he’s probably a nice guy but married with kids and the minivan. He really, really needs an updated haircut. #9 is not my type at all looked far too mainstream and too large for my personal taste. #12 is too old and looks like he might be irritatingly jovial. (the type that makes lame jokes constantly and is the only one laughing)

#9 is a John Belushi type. Just that intense look. Probably loads of fun when he isn’t manic depressive.

#10 is named Lars and he is from Sweden. He’s got a Euro-vibe to him. :slight_smile: (He looks alot like my friend Darryl. Who is not from Sweden or Europe, but his parents are.)

#11. His name is Mike or Dan. His kids are in soccer and karate. He likes Bud. He is a soft ware engineer. Every morning when he wakes he cannot wait for his barca lounger moment at the end of the day. :slight_smile:

#12 - He just let out a fart and isn’t so sneeky about it. A practical joker.

I haven’t participated in either of the other two threads. Sorry.

#10 has got a lot of bad flack, but he’s the only one I would consider dating out of this bunch. #11 isn’t too bad, though. The other two: nah.

You know, I wasn’t really liking this guy until you made this comment and now I think he could be OK. (Note that I am not a woman, nor am I usually attracted to guys so YMMV. I’ve been surprised by many, if not most of the comments in these threads.)

I would like this idea if it was done in the same spirit as this series of posts. Unfortunately I am afraid that it might be a bunch of leering and/or put-downs. I would hope not, but it seems like guys have a tendency to do that.

But now that I think about it, I would like to see a thread like this so that I could be proved wrong (hopefully).