Women: which man do you prefer?

I’m trying to gauge the preferences of women in men’s appearances. I’m also interested, however, in how demeanor is judged based on appearance, so I’m not asking for ratings based just on “looks” without any judgments based on possible personality differences. In order to gauge preferences, I ask that straight female members vote based on the presented images of men. The samples presented are meant to show a variety of different appearance types:

Man #1

Man #2

Man #3

Man #4

Man #5

Man #6

Man #7

Remember that there are no “right” or “wrong” answers here, just try to judge which one you find most attractive and explain why.

“man” ?

Well, #7’s no good. His type won’t respond to simple requests like opening pod bay doors, so you know he’s not ever going to take out the trash or walk the dog.

#6 needs better dental care. I’m not interested in a hump or two with a guy who smells like something died in his mouth.

#4 has excessively dry skin, I don’t think he takes good care of himself. Probably spent his younger years on the beach tanning too much. Leathery. Ick.

#3 looks like he’s hung like a horse, but he’s got some identity issues going on. Almost like he’s a white guy trying to be black, or a black guy trying to be white. Can’t quite make up my mind which.

#2’s cute enough even though he’s on the chubby side. Looks depressed, though. I need someone with a little more self-esteem and energy, not a man who’s going to lie there like he’s hibernating half the year when I want to go out and socialize.

#1 is good-looking, and while I don’t like the big ears much, I can probably learn to ignore them. I like that he’s just accepting his baldness, and not attempting a combover. Extra points. He’s in the “maybe” pile.
That leaves #5. what can I say, I love a redhead with a bushy beard. I’ll take him.

I’ll take Man #2. Cute and cuddly but will tear your shit up if you mess with him (and, presumably, his woman.)

#6. Looks like he could make me laugh, plus he would be a great help during shopping trips.

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