Roy of "Siegfried and Roy" attacked by his own White Tiger at the Mirage!

Sorry if somebody got to this first but I just heard that Roy was attacked by his own Tiger during a performance at that Mirage in Vegas. All I heard was that the Tiger grabbed him by the throat and was dragging him around during the performance. He was taken via ambulance to a nearby hospital and so far, no details are available. I can’t find anything on the net’ yet…I just heard it on the radio.

Anybody know any further details?

I was skeptical upon reading this, but apparently it did happen:

BTW, wasn’t this a Simpsons bit?

KLAS-TV, Las Vegas.

Oh, man. This is going to be a big story.

And I thought it was a Family Guy bit…

Somebody somewhere has got to have a videotape of this. I’m sure it’ll be on the tube very soon.

CNN update.

That was my very first thought, too…

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“Get outta my head! GET OUTTA MY HEAD!”

[/Chris Griffin]

On every channel here in Las Vegas. Latest word is that he is still in critical condition at UMC hospital.

People in the audience at first thought it was part of the act, but quickly realized it wasn’t as Roy was dragged off the stage by his throat by one of the white tigers…the first performance by this white tiger.

By the way, today was Roy’s birthday.

When Mr. Burns builds a casino in Springfield, one of the acts is “The Flamboyant Magic Of Gunter and Ernst”, including a white tiger named Anastasia who is embittered about memories of her capture…

White Tiger might be a good name for a Siberian vodka brand.

…or a lame Hair-Metal band…


I find it quite strange that The Onion made fun of the duo just this week…I think they’re prescient.

If that’s true, there are a lot of prescient targets out there. Sigfried and Roy are the definition of “easy target”.

“prescient targets”?

I meant “prescient people” of course.

Tell me again why we can’t edit our posts?

Too bad it wasn’t Celine Dion.

I hope he’s ok.

And too bad it couldn’t have been Barbara Striesand too.

Everyone is reporting that, but according to the L.V. Review-Journal, that’s just what they tell the audience; just a regular line they use. The particular tiger has actually been part of the act for years.

IIRC, a number of years ago, one of their tigers killed another one during a performance. So this really isn’t surprising.

Actually, I don’t think it was during a performance, I think it was in the viewing area/glass enclosure the tigers stay in during the day while not performing.

They get a bad rap but I was in the front row of their show 10 years ago and it is simply an amazing performance. Vegas without S&R is like Egypt without the Sphynx. Word is that he’s critical-but-stable. Hope he pulls through OK.

“Bad kitty cat…”

From the article Anamorphic linked to:

“On the way, he was conscious, talking, and he had trouble breathing,” Leinbach said. “He was talking about how his throat was bothering him.”

Yeah, my throat would bother me too, if it were passing through a tiger’s digestive system.

Hope he pulls through OK, and without permanent injury. It would be tough on a showman to lose his speaking ability.