Roy tiger attack pictures

Are there any out there?

Aren’t they all? has a picture of him being loaded into the ambulance.

It being a Vegas hotel, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if there was a lot of video footage from the various security cameras. Of course, why anyone would feel compelled to seek it out just for a visceral thrill escapes me.

I am not looking to get a thrill out if, I am just curious to see what actually happened. You read about everything, just wanted to see it. It is a terrible thing that has happened.

Granted I have not been to Las Vegas in years however, last time I was there cameras were not allowed in at the shows.

I’m sorry.


      • You’re new to this internet thing, aren’t you? “Unfettered information” is the name of the game, and that includes news information that corporate outlets refuse to distribute.

DougC please tell me that this is a whoosh…

Showing a graphic picture of an injured person is “news information”?

And I repeat my :eek: about a website called “

I think what some people need isn’t, but

Like someone else said, security cameras probably have it on tape, but they’ll hold on to those tight I’m guessing until one of the major TV networks offers someone enough money. OR someone somewhere probably has a “bootleg” copy of it from a camcorder they slipped in, and will eventually sell it to one of the networks. My guess is that the world will get to see exactly what happened very soon. (Not to hijack the post, but I remember hearing that they used fire extenguishers to distract the tiger. I would have guessed that they had several people off stage with tranquilizers, do they not?? If that tiger jumped into the audience and all they had was fire extenguishers, I’d imagine they’d be paying out quite a bit in law suit money).

Pulease, are you seriously going to tell me that you don’t have the slightest interest in witnessing what went down.

Explain why then, traffic slows down when there’s an accident, on the other side of the highway.

On the freeway system that I drive on I regularly see the traffic almost come to a friggin halt when someone on the otherside it getting a ticket.:eek: Really dangerous.

Non-linear flows my dear watson. When traffic reaches a certain density, then any fluctuation causes ripples which can amplify back. This initial fluctuation can be very minor (e.g. a few miles an hour). When you are travelling on a motorway and see flashing lights from any direction, it is natural to slow down even if slightly, as it could be an indication of danger, broken glass on the road, injured people, potential tailbacks up ahead. This amplifies back so that ten minutes later the people behind you have come to a standstill. Then everyone blames the person ahead for rubbernecking. Strangely enough, the best way to prevent this and to get there faster is if everyone travelled at a slower speed.

see for more detail

I already KNOW what happened. Tiger went apeshit during a show and bit off a hunk of his neck. Lost a lot of blood. Had a stroke. Fighting for his life.

Don’t need to see it. KNOW already.

YES, and thats very frustrating when you have to drive from Greenfield to Mequon everyday. Lots of freeway time both ways.

I read today that there IS a video of it…

From this Chicago Sun Times article, By Richard Roeper:

Hope I’m not breaking any rules by posting a link to a competitor’s website.


They wanted the tiger to let go and move away immediately, not to fall asleep on top of Roy while still crushing his neck. Tranqs are not instantaneous. (Oh, and re: another comment in the thread – it does not seem it “bit off a piece” but that it was deliberately carrying the man with his mouth, by the neck.)

Thats what tigers (and other cats) do when they attack, go for the throat and clamp down.

I’d like to see it and would definately view it if it became available. It’s not that I’m curious about Roy per se but more out of a fascination for how strong these cats really are. I think the internet is the proper venue for something so potentially disturbing though. It obviously should never fall into the Tiger Bites Man. Film at 11:00 pile.