Royal Wedding Music

At the religious service for the blessing of the marriage of the Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker-Bowles, what was the music that was played when the Queen was being seated?

This article mentions Tavener’s Creed setting being played before the blessing, which I presume is the point you’re talking about? (I certainly didn’t watch it myself :wink: )

The Creed that was sung was beautiful. Really beautiful. Thanks to the TiVo gods, I saw and watched it several times.

Who was the woman that sang it? And am I right in thinking that it was in Russian?

Whatever it was, it was breathtaking.

The link to the sung Creed is here

The Creed is Track 10. Oh my!

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This is the Order of Service, which includes a list of the music. The Albinoni Adagio was played for Charles and Camilla’s entry - a bit of a naff choice, if you ask me - which means that the piece you want is probably either the Elgar (Serenade for Strings) or the Greig (Last Spring from Two Elegiac Melodies).

And just to be clear, the setting of the Creed was by Aleksandr Gretchaninov, not Tavener.

Hmmm… I’m not an Albinoni expert, per se, but the famous “Albinoni Adagio” (which is actually not completely by Albinoni, but that’s another thread) is not the same thing as “Adagio from Oboe Concerto No. 2 in D Minor”. For starters, the “Adagio” is in G minor, if I’m remembering correctly. Not that I expected everyone to know that… :slight_smile:

You’re right that it wasn’t the Albinoni Adagio. But it was still a bit naff. In Britspeak, too Classic FM. And it was the piece used for Charles and Camilla’s entry.

Then I think it would have been the Greig and that would make sense to me.

Thank you very much for your input – especially the link to the order of service.

I also particularly like their choice for a recessional. And the vocal piece that sounded Russian was magnificent! I can’t imagine having such vocal control.