Royal Wedding Questions

I’ve heard that when certain types of wealthy people invite people to their wedding, they pay all expenses for the guests, airfare, hotels, etc.

Would people invited to the Royal Wedding have their expenses paid for them?

Also, what the heck do you give as a wedding gift when you’re invited to a Royal Wedding?

Do you put $500 cash in an envelope with a nice card? What is the proper etiquette for this situation?


The bride and groom asked for donations to charities instead of gifts. New Zealand’s wedding gift is a donation to the Christchurch earthquake appeal. Australia’s gift is a $25,000 donation to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

I do wish I would hear no more about the wedding. Here it is Friday and I still haven’t received my invitation. Woe is me!

Tough luck OM. I was up before 4:00 AM local time to watch the entire proceedings and more on the telly. You had the same invitation but didn’t recognize it.

No gifts requested, none expected.

The minor royals rode to the Abbey and from the Abbey to Buckingham Palace in silver minibuses. An NBC commentator mentioned there had been some grousing because they had to pay for the buses themselves.

So, how much of this was personal expense (out of Royal’s personal funds) and how much footed by the state? I’m sure there is a split there somewhere, but I’m not sure where it would be.

What I read was that the wedding was paid for by the royals (with an “undisclosed amount” contributed by the Middletons), and security costs were paid by the public.

That seems like it would be a lot, but I suppose the Royal Regalia, coaches, cars, etc. are all pre-existing assets. That would make it come out much cheaper than one would originally think.

Thank you sir!

It’s not as though they had to locate a church, hire a reception hall & find some caterers. Nor hire a photographer–the world press was eager to fill that role!

The Middletons got their fortune selling party supplies. Did they offer to supply paper plates, folding chairs & wedding favors? (No, I doubt it. But they did cover some of the expenses.)