RPG name question

Hey I’m creating a barbarian rogue on this RPG i play and i cant think of any good names for him, any suggestions? I want something really roguish sounding and really scandanavian sounding at the same time cause the barbarians in this game are supposed to be like the big husky people from the far north (i.e. vikings). Anyone know the Norse word for Rogue?

There’s always Loki, of course, who is a trickster character in Norse mythology. But copping a name from mythology for some random character is so Xena-esque.

What you want to go for is something gutteral, but not so gutteral that the other characters will be forced to give you a nickname. You can be Grubenhauberak, but everyone will call you Grue.

Ghan-buri-ghan (it’s got accents, but I don’t know how to do them).

Tolkien, of course.

Thor is a good one.

For sheer humor, call him Shelly. Then beat the crap out of anyone who mocks you.

Ishmael? Ender always has a nice ring to it.

Bloody Sarc, is an excellent name. That or Bloody Arse.

Hehehe… I once ran a character called Volfson Thanseblut… hehehehehe

Of course, I also ran a gnome called Virgil Poperhimin…

Where’s ssskuggiii when you need her? IIRC, her screen name means “shadow” in some Scandinavian language (allowing for some spelling variations :slight_smile: ). Maybe you should ask her if you can borrow it?

I like Gorre. It sounds gruesome and the extra R makes sure you’re not mistaken for Al.

Sounds like you are playing Everquest. Send my main character, Transya, a /tell. :slight_smile: You can also go to one of the many online translators such as babelfish or yahoo for the word. I am sure soda, coldfire, or Anniz could give you a good translation into another language.

Personally I went to Free Online English to Finnish to English Dictionary and translated rogue into Finnish :slight_smile: for Roisto. I actually like that one a lot. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.

I like to use real words that sound Tolkien-esque:

Angstrom (who went on to become “Angstrom Wolfslayer of Whom the Bards Sing”)

Aileron (the Flighty)

Meniscus (for that Old Latin flavor)

And the periodic table is full of em.
A few unused ones:

Codec the Barbarian
Thorium the Fierce
Hafnium of Wiffleheim
Boron the Thick-Skulled
Zoloft the Happy
Nasalcrom the Clear-Headed
Strontium of Skasborg

Personally, I kind of like “Tanden och Näve” which is Swedish for “teeth and fists.”

The a in Nave has an oomlaut, if it doesn’t make the shift in font.

SqlCub what server do you play on? Ive always played on Tunare but im making this barb rogue on Luclin.

-The guy who has played religiously since final and still doesnt have a character over lvl 30

-29 gnome rogue
-28 troll shaman
-28 half elf paladin
-26 gnome warrior
-way too many teens to mention

The thing with barbariens is, you have to give them a nickname (this is historicaly accurate - the viking lofved nicknames) So calling your guy Svart isnt enough - you should call him Svart Daggereyes, or Svart Blackfist, or Svart the Incredibly Big.

Just call him “Meat Grinder.”

If someone tells you he needs a nickname, you can say he’s “Meat Grinder the meat grinder.”

Iso ja Tylsä: Big and stupid (Finnish)

Husere og Plyndre: Ravage and plunder (Danish)

Stór Fábjáni: Big idiot in Icelandic


How about Elvis? Or Shaft?

How about ROFL? Rofl Wolfslayer.

Or Warren Anderson.

Hmm. For some reason that one doesn’t quite have the right kick.

Big McLargehuge?

Chunk Hardslab!