RSV vaccine approved by the FDA for those over 60

No, not covid. But this seems to fit well here:

FDA Approves First-Ever RSV Vaccine | MedPage Today

GSK said the vaccine would be available ahead of the 2023/2024 RSV season, and that the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices will weigh in on the RSV vaccine’s appropriate use in June.



Can you get RSV more than once? My daughter had a likely case of it when she was about 9 months old: they did not test for it, but based on the severity of her symptoms they suspected it was more than “just” a cold. I don’t recall whether I got sick at the time - this was 25 years ago.

And I’m 60+, and in a high risk group for other reasons.

I’m 60+, high risk for exposure, but not for severity, I will happily show up for this vaccine.

RSV causes 60-160,000 hospitalizations among older Americans annually, with 6-10,000 deaths.

From the Journal of the A.M.A.: “Older adults who received the RSV vaccine were about 83% less likely to develop RSV-associated lower respiratory tract disease and about 94% less likely to develop a severe case. Common adverse effects included fatigue, muscle pain, and headaches.”

It’s a vaccine I’ll get later this year.

I was really sick at the start of the pandemic with something that was definitely not covid, because i had a bunch of antibody tests later that rule it out. It was probably RSV. I’m planning to get jabbed for covid, flu, and RSV this fall.