Ru Paul's Drag U is back in session (Monday June 18)

I am giddier than Carol Channing in a wig shop! I love that show. I have never been able to get into Drag Race–if I want to see bitter queens bitching each other out, I can hang out with my friends.

But Drag U is sweet and heart-warming and supportive, *and *it has drag queens. I will be planted in front of my set at 9:00, mascara in one hand and teasing comb in the other.

Just don’t lose track of which hand is which. That could get ugly.

Or very, *very *pretty.

… Why have I not been watching this?! Thanks for the heads-up!

I don’t have cable, what’s the concept?

They take women who have no fab and make them more fab than they could have even imagined the day before.

Basically, it’s a makeover show that goes beyond the clothes, the hair and the makeup. Of course, since it’s a drag-related show, they do ATTITUDE makeovers, also, mostly having to do with making the women see how awesome and fierce they actually are. It’s definitely got more heart than your average makeover show.

And the woman are *volunteering *to be made-over by drag queens, so they’re not being ambushed, like What Not to Wear.

One of the reruns yesterday had the queens making over family members: one of whom was a queen’s Mormon mother! It was really sweet and tear-jerking, the Mom looked like Michelle Pfeiffer when they got through with her, and the Mormon *grandparents *showed up for Draguation!

One of my favorite parts is the Dragulator, the extremely high-tech scientific device Ru uses to determine your drag name and persona.

9:00 tonight, Logo, I am there!

squee! Latrice Royale as one of the professors! I loved her last season.

I was watching while getting ready for work, and could only watch up through the drag style concept photos at the start before having to stop, so I’ll catch up on the rest tonight or so.

I am so glad they kept the Dragulator. Funny how when shown two “everyday drag” dresses, all three women chose the worst, least-flattering one.

What Ru says is true: “We’re all born naked; everything else is drag.” I look around my office and see people in Hipster Drag, Lesbian Drag, Musician Drag, Dowager Drag (that would be me, of course). The people who are pathetic are those with no look, no style, no idea how to present themselves.

Find your look and work it!

Is this available streaming anywhere?

ETA - rocking Librarian Drag today myself, I note.

They’re rerunning it tonight at 7:00, and probably endlessly before next week’s too.

Aw, “Callie Tropicale” just rocked her drag outfit! But yeah, they just did not go for the best choices for their “everyday drag” dresses, did they? I think they needed just a bit more prodding from their profs.

Hey, no look is my look.

Anyone watch ep. 2? It really *is *Queen for a Day–the one with the saddest story wins.

Contestant one: “I have a dead car-crash wife!”
Contestant two: “I have a dead cancer child!”
Contestant Three: “I got nuthin’. I might as well just leave now.”

God, yes, that was unfortunate. I loved the firefighter (“dead cancer child!”) makeover the most, but I think all three of them were worse in heels than the women last episode.

I love when Ru gave the widow back her memorial necklace: “I couldn’t sell it on eBay.”

Talk about carrying around literal chains weighing you down. It’s bad when you actually wear more jewelry in “everyday drag” than in fab drag!

Did you *see *that terrifying memorial tattoo portrait on that other woman’s arm?! It looked like a nine-year-old had done a drawing of Carrot Top. Jeez, I hope her daughter didn’t actually *look *like that.

My mom is recording it for me, since I sadly lack LOGO. I didn’t know that Drag U existed until I saw previews a couple of weeks ago, but I loved Drag Race, and every time I watched I thought that I would looooove a drag makeover, so I’m very excited about getting to see what they come up with.

At 9 my dear husband has the TV remote firmly clutched in his hands, short of hitting him with an iron skillet I won’t be seeing it until he goes on his next trip.

So, are there any pictures online of women they have enfabulated?