RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race

Someone replied in my gender/name switch thread that they like Drag Race, but I did a search and couldn’t find any RuPaul related threads. :frowning:

Anyone watching All Stars?

I am! In fact, I had to pick a sub-culture to write an essay on in my English Composition class and picked Drag, with RuPaul’s Drag Race as one of my primary sources. Way fun and I got an A on the paper. Don’t have Logo here (We actually don’t have subscription TV), but the current season is available to watch for free on the Logo web site.

I already miss team “Brown-Flowers.”

I think you can watch it on Facebook, too.

I love team Yarlexis, but I always liked Alexis and Yara. I think Yara has a better craft, but Alexis has such a big personality.

Nina has to be my all time favorite queen, though.

I am, but I’m terribly disappointed. :frowning: I’d been looking forward to the All-Stars cycle forever and now not only is it just zipping by thanks to pair eliminations, but it’s pretty awkward and somehow super boring. The unfair nature of the competition (again the pairs, and especially someone having to sit out lipsynching for their lives) also grinds my gears.

Ah well. As in their regular seasons, I like Juju for personality, Shad for costumes and Yara for her accent. (“Ohh! Ah my ass!”)

Pandora wuz ROBBED

No kidding! I adore her. :frowning:

Count me in as another who’s not fond of the required pairing/dual-elimination. At least the regular Drag Race competitions don’t force that on the contestants.

I don’t even know why Pandora was there. Maybe she’s a fan favorite? Pandora always shocks me as a man, because she looks much older as a drag queen.

I agree that it can get boring. I feel like the queen who aren’t super competitive aren’t bringing their game. TBH, Raven is super competitive and she’s she not being like the raging bitch I love. She’s even mellowed a bit.

I don’t really like Jujubee, but she can LFYL. Black Velvet.

One of the more memorable LFYLs, to be sure!

Jarlexis is gone. :frowning:

Yeah, pretty sad…I liked their costumes a lot more than Ravejube (forgot what their name mish-mash is :P). I guess I’d be cool with any of the remaining queens winning (except Shannel), but I’ll miss the PR power! I feel kinda bad for Kelly Osbourne too.

Jarlexis had cute cheers but yeah, they didn’t really measure up at the end. (Raven + Jujubee = Rujubee) Jujubee just kicked ass in the lipsync. I think I want Chad to win, but I’m worried that the Shad team may be coming apart.

I deleted it off my DVR before watching the promo next week (hah, I typed “werk” which is so Ru-appropriate but it autocorrected properly) - I wonder what the challenge will involve now that they’re down to 2 pairs. Will they get split and go for triple elimination next week, will there be one more episode with the final pair, will previously-eliminated queens return to help/hinder the final 2?