Ruger Mark II opinion

Do you like the ‘ivory’ grips, or the black ones?

I like these cocobolos.

I like Doors’ choice, followed by black then ivory. If we’re talking getting a new .22, then I prefer revolvers over autoloaders.

Wood, then black. The ivory would always be mistaken for pearl, and you know what Patton said about pearl-handled pistols.

No, there’s no way ivory can be mistaken for pearl! (I agree with Patton, BTW – who opted for ivory.)

I like both the black and ‘ivory’ grips on the Ruger. I think the ‘ivory’ ones would look better if the gun were engraved. (Can that be done to a Ruger?)

For a blued gun, wood grip panels are the way to go, grips like these

those “ivory” grips stand out too much and really look out of place

Mark II: wood with thumb rest, since the magazine release is on bottom of the grip.

Other than that, black is beautiful.

Yeah, what he said.