Ruin the plot of Bioshock for me.

I thought I’d like the game so I rented it. I played it for about an hour and it rides that creepy/strange tightrope I enjoy, but alas, I know myself too well. I simply have no time for this game and I will never be able to put in the time needed to complete it, but I hear theres a fantastic plot twist at the end and I’m curious what it is…not curious enough to spend the tens of hours needed to find out for myself however.

Please, ruin it for me.

The girlfriend is really a guy.

Wait. No, that was the Crying Game…

I can’t do it - I haven’t the heart. You really should make the time for this game, it’s worth it.

Like I said, I can’t spoil this for you - but the soulless bastards at Wikipedia can! (Warning: Link contains spoilers that you really should not read. Buy the game! Play it!)

It’s actually not a game that takes a lot of time. You should be able to complete it in about eight hours.

Having never actually played the game, I can do it!

[spoiler]Andrew Ryan is an anagram of Ayn Rand (plus a few letters).

Atlas is really Fontaine, or the other way around.

You’re being mind controlled, and the password is “Would you kindly…”.[/spoiler]

Just to expand on that last post (unboxed spoilers ahead) -

You were born in Rapture and raised/programmed by Fontaine, then sent up to the surface with implanted memories. The airplane crash that brought you back was engineered by you.

Atlas is in fact Fontaine, pretending to be someone he is not. At every point inthe story Atlas asks you to do something he uses the “Would you kindly” triggerword, which sets you off, like the Manchurian Candidate and the line about solitaire.

Eventually you make it to Ryan and kill him. Fontaine/Atlas reveals his true identity and you must then go kill him; the woman doctor (Tanenbaum, IIRC?) becomes your new guide, as she is trying to save her Little Sisters. You fight a bunch more enemies and eventually have to dress up as a Big Daddy to fight through an area.

You finally get to Fontaine, who is no longer even close to being human; he’s a superman, hopped up on Adam. If you knock him down enough the Little Sisters you’ve saved (I don’t know what happens if you didn’t save any) fnish him off. You then bring them to the surface, and they live out normal, happy lives, and sort of become your extended family.

Would you kindly go back and play it through?