Rules and Sticky Consolidation

In a few different instances, including a thread asking for suggestions on improvements, it was suggested to consolidate and clean up the rules/stickies in ATMB. I’ve done so here.

Since this is merely housekeeping, the registration agreement is unchanged, as are all of the rules save for a few exceptions. Those are #12 and #20 in the FAQ. Everything else is only a consolidation of existing rules, now made easier to find. There are several links to the older posts but those have now been unstickied.

The sticky regarding the highlighting browser bug remains because that is a current problem. When that ceases to be a problem then that sticky will be removed as well. If anything was missed or needs updating feel free to point and laugh.

Thank you.

There seems to be some overlap between the registration agreement, the rules and the FAQ. Will you (the Staff) be streamlining these? Maybe we can marshall our army of nitpickers to do it for you?
btw. the highlighting in Chrome should be #1 in the FAQ. (Why doesn’t anyone ever look at actual questions that are asked frequently? it says FAQ, not “stuff I want to remind to you”)

Nitpick away!

I added a question in the FAQ about the highlighting (#11). Not quite #1, but it has two 1’s in it.

Great job. That must have been a lot of tedious work.

Looks much cleaner in here. Thanks!

It’s almost like he lives for numbers.

Sticky consolidations can be fun, if everyone is in the proper mood.

Wow, that’s some impressive work. The formatting is great and the completeness is amazing. It’s a great refresher even for people who have been here a long time because sometimes the rules change over time.

Thank you for all your hard work on that!

At least to me it all seems to read a lot better.

What! Now I don’t have to scroll down to see new threads. This totally unacceptable. How will my mouse get it’s proper exercise?

Hear, hear!

ATMB looks SO much better. Thanks for the hard work!