Rumor: Paula Abdul might be replaced by Courtney Love


Talk about from the frying pan into the fire.

Or, as someone else said: “a lateral move, at best.”

At last. No more coffee break chatter about “Is she ON something?”

Now we’ll know for sure.

I like the idea of replacing Paula. It was fun for awhile, but it’s not that funny anymore and it’s starting to become disturbing. It’s intervention time.

The thing is, why would they replace her with another substance abuse case? “Lateral move” about sums it up. On the plus side, Courtney’s still a trainwreck but she’s a whole different kind of trainwreck. Paula is a sloppy, sentimental drunk. She gushes and forgets the camera is on her when she leers at the young male eye-candy, but at least she’s not violent.

Courtney is the type that might grab somebody by the hair and beat their ass. Any playful bickering with Simon could take on a whole new tone.

That confirms that they’re desperately reaching for audience. Somehow they think turning it into a goon show will do the job. Next change will be to install security guards and encourage the contestants to toss punches at the judges à la Springer.

I’ve already quit watching the auditions since the proportion of talented to horrid contestants has tilted far too heavily towards the latter.

There are how many thousand female recording artists they could use?
I hope the story’s wrong.

My husband suggested that Paula’s “condition” (whatever that may be) is an act to get more people to tune in. I suppose it’s possible, but do they really need more viewers? It’s already the highest rated show during it’s run, isn’t it?

Courtney Love would be fun to watch, even though I hate her. I’m pretty sure she’d at least be brutally honest. Then Randy can completely become the softy that he sometimes is.

They may replace Paula Abdul on AI but they’ll never replace Paula in my heart.

Disclaimer, I don’t watch the show except in passing. Just interjecting. In what sense are they desperate? Isn’t it the number one show? Lost fled the timeslot to get out of it’s way. The only reason why they would screw with something that is working so well is if Paula is too “sick” to continue. Besides the fact that Courtney would be a whole other trainwreck, I can’t see her liking any of the contestants. This is a popstar contest. Courtney doesn’t do pop. Maybe she has been concealing her love of top 40 music but I doubt it.

Courtney Love is one of those people who overstayed their 15 minutes the first day they became famous.

I don’t watch the show, but I certainly do know that Simon Cowell runs it, and nothing happens without his OK, so I can’t believe for a second that he would replace the pop-hasbeen-softie with a strung-out-loose-cannon-Hole-ho. It seems someone like Paula (her experience & disposition) are essential to the judging panel, regardless of what Simon might think of her or her taste.

This is not a lateral move, it’s a plunge into the abyss.

Honestly, the threat of physical attacks is about the only thing that would get me to start watching American Idol. So I vote yes on this one.

The only way Courtney Love could be a good choice is if she and Simon got into a brawl.

I mean honestly, what are they thinking?

I have to think about that…nope, still won’t watch. Paula and Simon outtakes on the news and commercials are enough AI for me.

Wow, I never thought about it this way before, but American Idol is one of the few things I think Courtney Love is too good for.

  1. I thought Courtney Love was on the wagon for some time now.

  2. I don’t think Paula’s drunk. I think it’s an act. I don’t believe Simon would put his world in jeopardy. The rumors have been out there for years now. Don’t you think he’d have done something drastic by now?

  3. Courtney Love? No fuckin’ way.

What does Courtney Love know about singing anyway?

If the report is legit, this tells me that whoever in charge actually likes the idea of having a wacky and out there and on something judge like Paula, but that Paula is maybe getting too out of control with it- Courtney is a long time pro at the functional drug addict thing. Courtney could do ten times the drugs Paula does and still show up for work everyday. Paula as headcase sure hasn’t hurt ratings- it maybe even increased them. But if she can’t even show up for work, what’s the point of having her?

Well, maybe the intended recipient of the rumor isn’t the American people, but rather Paula Abdul. “See? Pull yourself together and wipe off the drool or we’ll find another strung out washed up pop star to replace you.”

But seriously, Courtney Love? I don’t understand what she would bring to the table. What does she contribute? Even cleaned up and off the drugs, what does she contribute?

Well, it’s just speculation. And the speculation is that Nigel is considering it. But they consider just about every year, don’t they? I thought surely Coreygate would undo her, but bitch is made of concrete.

Could get downright Jerry Springer-esque (more than it already is, I mean). Imagine Courtney head to head with “The Hotness.”

That’s what they said before the Pamela Anderson Roast.