Rumsfeld Memo: "Stay the Course NOT Working"

Rumsfeld suggested “changing course” in memo two days before he was axed.

So, if Rummy was pushed out, was it this memo that did it?

Meh. Sounds to me like someone who was GONE, and was trying to kiss ass and save his job. Hypocrite!

Sounds to me like a GD.

Yeppers. Off to GD.

It is argued by Iraq war supporters that this is nothing like Vietnam. I say that in one crucial aspect it is exactly like Vietnam. In McNamara’s book he describes an endless loop. “This is Vietnam’s war. The south has to win it for themselves and we will stay only long enough to ensure that they are up to the job.”

“Are they ready yet?”

“No but we are making progress.”

And as the saying goes, lather, rinse, repeat. For many years.

Somehow that all sounds quite familiar.

But it’s already here.

I’ll step on tom’s toes, and close this one.