Run Lola Run - what does the animated guy say?

We watched Run Lola Run in my film class this week. Loved it. There was one part where a line of dialogue wasn’t subtitled, and I’m dying to find out what the guy says. I believe it happens right after Lola hangs up the phone with Manni at the beginning of the film (first 15-20 min). There’s a little animated bespectacled guy who pops up on screen and says something (we later see that it’s the roulette guy at the casino). What does he say? I couldn’t even tell what the syllables were. It sounded French-ish to me… I should really know if it was French or not considering I’m majoring in it, but that’s another story.

So what does the guy say? Thanks in advance!

I think he said “Rien ne va plus”, which is a French expression used by croupiers when nobody wins.
It means the same as “the house wins” (not literally, I think literally it means “nothing goes”?).
I would have to check my copy to be 100% sure, but I am 99% sure.

Rien ne va plus…actually is the term for no more bets. The croupier utters these words a few seconds after the little ball starts spinning in the wheel. Funny how I know the french words but none of the actual terms for items ona roulette table…

Thanks so much! I was pretty sure I heard “rien” and “plus”, but I couldn’t make sense out of it. Thanks again!

I thought it was a good film and deserved a better audience in the States, although for a German film subtitled in English, it did decent boxoffice.

Impressed that your film class is showing it!

My film class specifically deals with “film in the age of new media.” So right now we’re looking at film as video games/video games as film. We also watched Groundhog Day and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

I really love my film class this semester. Here are some of the other movies we watched:
Fight Club
Moulin Rouge!
Les Triplettes de Belleville
Forrest Gump
Toy Story
Waking Life
A Hard Day’s Night

All awesome films in my opinion.

I’ve seen all of those films save two. Do you think there’s a chance I could get class credit? :slight_smile:

As to what the croupier is saying, now that you know what it means, it makes sense, right? IMO it’s the filmmaker’s way of saying life is a gamble and each time you spin the wheel you don’t know what little thing is going to make it turn out differently.